The feds finally own-up to the anti-cancer potential of cannabis

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    36 Years Too Late!
    The feds finally own-up to the anti-cancer potential of cannabis, says Paul Armentano.

    Ron Paul is probably sitting down in Texas right now, reading Lew Rockwell, just laughing...:smoke:

    The Feds Finally Recognize the Anti-Cancer Potential of Cannabis – 36 Years Too Late! by Paul Armentano

    For those who don't check or read it daily, is worth checking out!
  2. Well quite frankly it was only a matter of time. The government knows that they cant keep shoving their bullshit propaganda down our throats. Eventually people wake up and start questioning things that go on, but still 36 years too late alright.
  3. about fucking time
  4. How is it still schedule 1...

    That shit confuses me.
  5. Because the Feds have not figured out how to keep it out of the hands of the general populace. It's a huge cash cow. They know it but cannot figure out how to monopolize it's production and distribution. Why do you think they're trying so hard to come up with a "Cannabis Pill" that actually works?
  6. Pharmaceutical lobbying in other words.
  7. You can't patent a plant...

    Unless you're Monstanto, anyways.

  8. Haha yeah, but that's the issue.

    If they admitted it had medical uses, people might actually look into it; including doctors. There goes a shit load of profits for the pharm industry. It's very much in their interests for it to remain schedule 1.
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    I would like to share some views. First, it's the NIH not the AMA. Big difference and it will be the AMA who gets final say on treatment options.

    And lets not forget this was written in the lovely language of legalize. With words clearly used like "Potential" and "Possible" placed before each claim. Cannabis gets a C- rating with the AMA as an aid to surpress the side effects of the treatment of cancer, not the symptoms of cancer itself. It leaves the end decision to the doctor and local laws to aid the patient.

    But here is my love hate with medicinal cannabis. the term medical is another govt brainwash tactic, That is another topic I will discuss elsewhere. For now, let me give you this to consider...

    the govt still classifies cannabis a level 1 drug. You know the rapist making kind. Yet the proces to get medical cannabis is this.. a doctor gives a card if he likes your story, trust me on that one. And for about $100 you are in the program. Now, this class 1 drug is never prescribed. every other drug, everyone, is given with dosage amounts, and properly measured doses by a pharmacist. ALL classes of drugs are treated this way. But suddenly we are giving out season passes to a class 1 drug, doctors?.

    I can go on, but the admitance of health benefits is far far from clear. We can at best use it to soften other drugs interactions. Which is all the AMA has been willing to admit all along, "It has properties found to aid in known side effects in the treatment of certain illnesses" See it aids patient by softening the effects of the treatment, not the cancer itself.

    Now there is also the whole term medical cannabis. Putting medical in the name may confuse some to think somehow it must have medical properties. Um, not one claim has ever been validated as of yet, so how can we claim its medicinal. For the most part, this product has no standardization system of proper labels. Most are packaged with descriptions on the taste, and high.. There is nothing standard about this drug as strains are all over the map. The AMA wont sanction anything like that in anyway, and the whole medical cannabis industry is seen as a blatant farce at this time. Again, I leave that whole topic for another thread. Currently prescribing cannabis is only state approved, not fed approved. So that leaves the entire pharmaceutical industry out because they answer to the FDA.

    Now medicinal cannabis, final notes, many consumers want this to work, mostly because they see it as gaining some middle ground in this trench war on drugs. I am more of a believer that cannabis laws are a violation of my civil rights. Read about Harry J. Anslinger.

    This reminds me of the days of patent medicine.

  10. I bet big pharma sees a way to make money off of weed now and they're just easing forward with their evil plans. That's the only reason the Feds would ever say anything like this.
  11. Not sure if it will be on in your area, but in the central time zone a show called "Dr. Oz Show" is discussing the topic of medical marijuana today. Montel Williams seems in support and pretty pissed at the government.

    It's on RIGHT NOW. 1:00 - 2:00pm Central Time
  12. That is definitely bullshit. What the fuck, man... These motherfuckers need to get over themselves.
  13. How about instead of trying to make a pill that gives the same effects they make a form of super bud with extensive amounts of thc and only offer it in pharmacies to medical patients? Then just legalize the normal bud for everyone else..
  14. Uhg they're not even trying to hide the corruption anymore. I really wish mainstream America would stop watching their American Idol/Dancing with the stars nonsense and pay attention to our governments BLATANT corruption.
  15. DEFINITELY a must-see:

    [ame=]YouTube - The Union - The Business Behind Getting High | Full Movie[/ame]
  16. They scrap the mention? Gee, wonder why I didn't see that coming?

    This all just reeks of desperation in order to buy time to give the government the best possible deal in all of this.

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