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The Fear

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering if anybody else gets what me and my mates call the FEAR?....when you're really stoned and you have to go the shops for munchies and you run into like you're mums best pal who wants to talk to you and ask lots of questions and all you wanna do is get the fuck out of the shop and into you're house again and lock the door, or even worse an ex!!! you start freaking out and getting really paranoid?.....Peace out....Sid
  2. i used to .... there are ways of beating the fear.
  3. i find that lurking in the shadows and under beds and hiding in closets keeps the fear to a minimum
  4. lol damn i like when type of shyt like that happens when im high...becuz i dont care if they know im faded... and its fun to have little dramas like..Thats a good drama.....A bad drama is if someone like ur mom or girl gets drunk and tries to fight with you by yelling and throwing a fit and all that mess...i think we call em ragin back to my smoke~
  5. the only time we have the fear is from the police if we're chiefin outside. besides that, we're always too messed up to be scurred of anytihng, heh, scurred. and whenever we do bump into someone, if i ain't talkin, im tryin to not laugh.
  6. whenever I bump into someone when I'm high, my high basicly ends there. I have to concentrate so fucking hard on whats going on, my whole high is ruined. If I were to rate my high on a % scale, where 0% was sober and 100% was peaking, I'd say I lose like at least 65% of my high when I bump into someone I need to be sober for.

    But IMHO, McDonald's McFlurries and Wendy's Frosties are well worth the risk :-D
  7. I was freaking out this one time when i had to go to the off-sales, i asked the girl behind the counter, (a georgeous chick we refer to as big-bird, as she's over 6 foot tall and a real babe) if i could have like a box of 10p crisps there's like 32 in a box, and she couldn't stop laughing and that just made it then i asked for a turkish delight and some walkers crips to make up the rest....she laughed some more and then said "how much is the rest?, you're the one with the money, i don't know how much you've got" by this time i just wanted to get back in the house and lock the door and shut the i have been getting better i guess it's ok as all take turns to go down the's just that it was all the more embarasing as she was a babe......Peace out....Sid
  8. ___ Fear of the dark ,____ Fear of the dark,____
    I have a constant fear that something's always near
    Fear of the dark, ____ Fear of the dark, ____
    I have a phobia that someone's always there
  9. my fear happens when the phone rings & i'm so stoned i don't realize it's my parents and i pick it up, high as hell. *oh shit* "hi mom..."
    the conversation basically starts off poor, and deteriorates from there. i love caller id, i just have to REMEMBER TO CHECK IT before i pick the dang phone up! der.

    plus, i always tip pizza delivery dudes like $5 when i'm stoned. GOD BLESS PIZZA DELIVERY DUDES WHO MAKE IT UNNECESSARY TO LEAVE THE HOUSE WHEN UTTERLY STONED!!

    because, yeah, going out and trying to order food just kills the high sometimes, or leaves me walking away feeling like an idiot.

  10. lol i know what u mean ganja....i know what ya mean *lights joint*
  11. just get all yer munchies in, bolt the door, unplug the phone and draw the curtains...

  12. YES! except i'm worried about meeting up with one of my students. :( and i'm supposed to be a good role model :D

    if i'm feeling smart, i get the munchies BEFORE i get high. there's no delivery of any kind here, and everything is closed by 10 or 11. if you forget to shop, you're stuck with the "health" food at home.

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