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the FATTEST nug you've been served up.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sceaspit11, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. i bought a half ounce with a friend and it had a 4.8G nug in it. what was the fattest nug someone has sold you?
  2. It could've been like 4.5 maybe? Yeah like a good (eyeballed) 4-5g nug.
    Last pickup had a 3g nug( well 2.9)
  3. like 9 grams. It was from a half that consisted of like 3 nugs
  4. Ballpark 4 grams when I picked up an 8th one time, all one nug, thing was a beast.
  5. not sure, probably like 6-7gs but I bought a QP of reg one time that was compressed into 1 giant 'nug'. big enough to slap people with, and I did so frequently.
  6. Probably like 12-14 grams. Honestly, I don't like when the nugs are THAT big, because usually it means outdoor and more weight in stems. If I had the choice, I would much rather have a few 3-4 gram nugs than a 14 gram one.
  7. 9 gram nug. I did not enjoy it.
  8. Why is that? Was the bud just bad, or did the size of the nug create problems?
  9. 7.5g. And it was Olivia kush. Mmmm.

    ~One Love~
  10. Y'all must not deal with a lot of bud .. I gave my friend a 14.7 g nug of perp before it was a awsome present
  11. Probably only 3g.... Hopefully bigger in the future when my dealer finishes his indoor grow....... Can't waitttttttttt.
    ......... $70/half oz of Dank
  12. I bet he does not even have a grow and is just telling u that so u will buy from him haha 70 half I doubt
  13. 36g. Yeah it was pretty big.
  14. No way. I don't believe it.

    ~One Love~
  15. A few 5-6 gram nugs have come my way a few times. Its cool to have big nugs but big nugs normally equal big stems.

  16. Its best not to call bullshit in a thread such as this, I doubt any of us have the pics to backup our claims. Still the thought of someday owning a 36G nug....:rolleyes:
  17. No way on that 36 g haha that had to be a few .. I had a 14.7 and that's hardly believable
  18. I'm talking about super dank
  19. Yo, foe realz?! Can I hurr abt tht shytt homie?!
  20. 6.8 , but i like nugs 3g/4g max, and then some nice dense popcorn nugs
    but i would love a half oz nug or some crazy shit haha

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