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  1. Would that really work, if you just put fan blowing outside your window? If you just lit it up and skoked a pipe, andblew the smoke threw the fan, would that hide the smell as well? Even if you leave the pipe infront of the fan too? I don't know if anyone would help me out, but it would be appreaciated.
  2. give it a shot and let us know how it goes. haha :p
  3. thats how i used to do it when i lived at home and in the dorms. id have a box fan in my window with a sheet of cardboard to fill up the rest of the window and make a seal. There would be so much air blowing into my room that it would blow out a lighter if i had it near the door. I'd smoke, spray some ozium and then light some incense. I could smoke with my parents in the next room over with no problems, never got caught once that way. The biggest thing to worry about was the unmistakable sound of a lighter being flicked.
  4. Smoke right next to it, blow your hit out, and cover the bowl with a lighter to avoid a slither of smoke to come from it.
  5. well if you put the fan so that it is drawing air out of the window, its gonna do just that, draw the smoke in the air out the window. If this is for smoking at home, Id say wet towel under the door, fan by the door blowing towards the window, fan blowing directly out the window and a spray of ozium or even just some frebreeze. You could even blow through a sploof out the fan and that would work pretty well. I think if you had that set up you wouldnt have to worry about getting caught as long as no one is trying to come into your room.
  6. put a few dryer sheets on the back they should be sucked on. Then blow smoke through and volia kinda doesnt smell lol
  7. i just did it and it worked.... i have a "Seville" fan from Costco (really REALLY big department store in Cali)
  8. oh wow thats a good idea dude. just incase it blows back in there will be a mix of flower smell too :hello:
  9. yeah it works thats what i do just dont smoke near it cuz it'll blow the lighter out. and the cardboard and the dryer sheets are a good idea. if your really paranoid use a sploof too. and you could spray axe after too.
  10. what i do is put my fan in the window so it sucks air out of my room. it only works if you have another window to open so the air flows, otherwise it doesnt work and the air pressure hurts your ears.

    anyway, i put a box fan in the window blowing air outside, then open my other window so it is all sucked out through the fan, then just smoke near the fan. light some insence or spray some fabreeze if your still paranoid.
  11. I use the candle in the bathroom when i have a smoke and shower. Only have to light it once.
  12. Window fan works perfectly for me. But i always light an incense just incase.

  13. Genius. + Rep
  14. its just too much..all the shit we gotta do just to have a smoke.
  15. i dont do any of that nonsense...i pack it up and then light it :confused:

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