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    So this is what I have been pulling on over the past couple months, red and green bong were bought 2 weeks ago for $40

    Blue pipe and grinder was bought on Monday costed $13:)

    That black box in the corner are herbal smokes


    This pipe gives faaaat tokes! And it just a little guy, thick glass deep bowl, what's not to love?


    Sweet although simple pattern


    My first ever brand name grinder! I love it! It set me back $40 but it collects massive amounts of kief!


    54 teeth and one of the last nugs of the half I bought at the beginning of the week


    Only about 2-3 grams have gone through this grinder and I already have more than a bowls worth of kief!

    I plan on investing in a keif compressor and scale soon

    So that's my stash! Just wondering what the city thought, I welcome any comments, tips, tricks and jokes!
  2. Hahah I got the same purple lighter
  3. I too have the same purple lighter what a whore.

    Nice thread man I'm diggin the glass
  4. Nice little setup bro. :D
  5. Dope stoner appliances :smoke:
  6. Is that green bong any good? The one with the bent neck. A convenience store nearby me has rasta ones like it, and it 's not too thin glass either. Cheap, too.
  7. Nice setup you got there
  8. Nice! If you really want kief get the biggest size space case they make! That bitch is a kief factory I love mine!

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