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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by deninfl, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. Hi fellow stoners.

    My 22 y/o daughter just recently moved back home with her 4 y/o daughter. Before she moved out last time we had a very rocky relationship which I determined was due to our lack of honesty with each other. Before she moved back this time I admitted to her that I smoked ganja and she admitted she did too. What a burden we released. Since that day life has been at its all time best. Ironically enough, my contact went to school with my daughter so I have brought him another happy customer.

    I'd like to hear more from those families that toke together.

    Dennis in Florida
  2. My brother and I toke together, whenver he's in town. We actually smoked pot in my bedroom in highschool and watched the X-files religiously together. I miss him terribly, and can't wait to see him again! I feel that marijuana has enhanced our friendship because he and I both speak more openly and less reservedly while stoned. Can't say that for the rest of my family though, they're all "squares" :) (but I love them)
    Now it's just my "family" here ~ my bf and my cat, whom I more than enjoy to toke with.
  3. I Toke with my 22yr old daughter,and some of her long time school friends (K-College), and have a more "open" relationship with her because of it! Smoke with my sister (10yrs my senior) who is a Witch (Really!), and was able to smoke openly around my Mom. :smoking:
  4. I smoke with my 22 year old brother and I find that it has brought us closer together because we can talk about things and know that we both have the same thoughts on the subject.
  5. I smoke with my Mum in law and her partner. They are so much more relaxed than my family. I really enjoy hanging out with them, it's helped us get to know each other better and to understand oneanother.

    The other weekend they came and stayed and the 3 of us stayed up til dawn, talking and smoking and a few drinks. We just talked and talked and talked. It was fantastic!
  6. I smoke with my kids. It's a big step you need to get over. Mostly in your mind. At first it wierded us all out. It was like...we shouldn't be doing this. We kinda smoked then went and did our own thing, because it was wierd. Now...its awesome. We understand each other better. We talk more. We laugh more. You know, we were all doing it, now we just do it sometimes together.

  7. hope to have a few more hits on the blue tull bong with my cousin. he's da only one i know who takes a smoke. i got another cousin who has smoked and an uncle who admitted to trying a few times... other than that i think i toke enough for the whole family tree myself.

    i think its great that parent and child can smoke. as much as i try i dont think my folks are ever going to see it that way.
  8. I know my sis smokes, but she rather not smoke with me anyway, but eh I have more fun smokin with my dog than I would with her :p

    n my dog does get pritty high!
  9. does that count as a family member?

    if it does then my cats love a toke.
  10. My little brother is my contact. We smoke all the time and laugh our balls off.
  11. I think that would be crazy lightin up with my parents.. I smoke with my sis. pretty much everyday... :D :D :D

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