The false Left right paradigm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trixman22, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. The more I look into it the more the left right paradigm seems to be a thing of control. As long as we the people are fighting amongst ourselves we will never free ourselves from who is truly controlling things.

    I am only 26 I never cared for politics until 911 happened, then I got interested. I thought I was a Demicrat because I watched CNN and MSNBC and ate up the left propaganda they were spewing. Everything was the Republicans fault, thats why our country was turning to shit, or so I thought. Now the Dems are in power, I thought now we can go back to the good old America I loved that didn't have these warrant-less wire taps, rendition, and torture. Now we can restore our Constitution. WRONG. Now it just seems like the quest to destroy America as a sovereign country is continuing, but less known about.

    After doing research I found our Government has been being controlled by the same group for the past century. This group is known as The Council on Foreign Relations This Group controls our government with out most people ever hearing of them. Check them out for your self. Google CFR, or Bildiberg group.

  2. My thoughts and suspicions, exactly.
    Neither party is any better than the other. They're both a way a separating the people. They know if they can get us to disagree amongst ourselves it will be easier to control us. (unfinished thought)

    IMO there shouldn't be "parties" at all. We should elect people based solely on their merits, not their conformation to a certain group or party. Especially when the only two parties we have to choose from are, essentially, (where it really counts) the same.
  3. Please excuse the large image, but I made this about a year ago after looking at my Senator's campaign contributions. It explains a lot...[​IMG]
  4. I've been saying that for years. United we stand, divided we fall. Both parties know this which is why mudslinging and finger pointing are the chief tools of political rhetoric.
  5. yeah man zeitgeist is a cool movie
  6. I wouldnt say there is a false left right paradigm, but a false Republican-Democrat paradigm.
  7. the great thing about this country is that we get to choose who leads us. We get the wonderful opprotunity to choose between red and blue. We can choose to be led by a liar or a crook. We can have our values insulted, or ignored.

    people dont seem to see that its the same guy pulling the strings to both puppets


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