The Fall of Troy

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  1. I dig em.
    Any other bands like them?
    One of my favorite songs by TFOT

    [ame=]YouTube - The Fall Of Troy - Mouths like Sidewinder Missiles[/ame]
  2. Good before they broke up
  3. Love this band.

    I was almost able to go to their last show ever in CT since I live pretty close to there, but it was on my birthday so I didn't end up goin.
  4. Love these guys! They came about 3 hours away on their last tour, I would have definitely been there had I known it was their last go-around. I think "Phantom on the Horizon" is their best release.

  5. idk that makes no sense to me, but if it was your birthday, wouldn't you have decided to go!?
  6. I wanted to :( but my friends had other plans for me.
  7. I actually meet the band in Milwaukee, WI after they opened for Kings of Leon. My buddy and I were walking around, because we rode down with a couple chicks who went to see the show. I'd never heard of them before, and didn't realize who they were - so my buddy and I bullshit with them for a little bit and smoked. First thing I say to the guitar player - "I heard you guys got boo'ed off the stage!" :laughing:

    But they were pretty cool guys, and I've only started to hear some of their music. Not bad, but not really my taste.

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