The Fall of Rap

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    I liked rap quite a lot when I first heard people like Tupac Shakur, Afrika Bambaataa, Marshall Mathers and the like. I was like wow, those are some lyrics!
    And now what do we have?
    Key and Peele make the point in this video:

    EDIT: So many here would like to nitpick individual words I posted, so I've just let Key and Peele tell ya. But I'll still say this: 50 Cent's a dick for attempting to be a role model. And a dick anyway. Hate that man.

  2. 50 is the man. And there is good rap/lyricist everywhere. just open your fucking eyes and stop holding on to the past.
  3. yeah man.. the rap game has taken a wrong-turn forsure. Nowadays I'll go to play some music: "hmm... who to listen too?" right? nothing really comes out at me. i'll end up vibing The Cool Kids, esc... something with an actual beat and bars... all we have nowadays is this "swag, popsicle" rap... it's a shame.. 
    with that said, Kendrick's really helping the movement.. Joey Bada$$ is making real hip-hop... There's a guy named Nickelus F outta my city; Richmond. That guy is the real rap. Should give him a listen sometime.
  4. nope, still old school og gangsta rap about cruisin down the street in my six fo', still d.r.e wit it, still got the hook up, still top dolla with the gold flea colla, still ugly, still only in california, still nobody does it better.
  5. haha that key and peele is hilarious but... OP dont even know what hes tryna say.
    He lumpin in all these old ass washed up rappers like 50 and snoop in with a new age rapper like wiz. Shit, 50 and snoop barely even release music anymore. And what they did release was 100% classics.
    What that proves is OP doesn't even try to explore the rap genre, new or old, hes just an old-mainstream rap dickrider.
  6. Dont listen to mainstream.

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  7. Hahahah your funny cause Snoop was the big dog who brought up tupac lol. I agree with Wiz and shit though
  8. Maybe I should have names the thread the Fall of Mainstream Rap. But I thought that bit was understood. Guess I overestimated the cranial capacities of Fiddy's fanboys, eh?
    I know, I was talking about the decline of mainstream rap, is all. You fanboys sure are coarse.
    So stuff like P.I.M.P is classic. Okay man, I won't berate you for your choices, but I wish you could have put your opinion forward a bit more nicely, y'know?
    I don't, but mainstream is what plays all around me :D
    I don't really know/care about the politics of rap, lol.
  9. You are judging an album based on a single that is designed to pump up the club and sell records.

  10. Haha ok buddy. How is snoop dogg in the downfall of rap by the way? To my knowledge, which might not be 100% on it, I believe snoop lion isn't really even producing rap anymore.
  11. well what do you even listen to op
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    I listen to everything, really. But biased towards reggae and funk. And BluFunk!
    But he performs with Wiz, and has featured in a lot of his tracks.
    Edit: I admit I was a bit harsh on Snoop, lumping him with an idiot like 50. I apologise to you and Snoop :D
    I said 'stuff like'. So obviously I'm referring to other 'bitches in da club' sort of tracks. That sort of hyperbole makes you look bad, my man.
    Also, Many Men has nothing to do with social awareness and such. Just him stroking his already large ego.
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    The quality of rappers in the game has decreased. However, Snoop is classic and is among one of the best in my opinion. Good friend of Pac too. 50 is one of the most intellectual rappers there is. He's a business man. I love 50, and you can thank Eminem for bringing him up too.
  14. There has always been bad rap and good rap.... most of the shitty rap of today will be forgotten in 10 years... just like most of the shitty rap 10 years ago has been forgotten. And everyone has their opinion and personal preferences. No need to act like rap has fallen.
    so you don't listen to rap? lol
    what is your say in this then?
    mainstream will always be mainstream. they play shit that will sell and make people dance obviously
    and anyone that says "good rap" doesn't exist anymore obviously is stuck in the past. not only are there good new artists out, it's just you see and hear the mainstream artists more cos they're always releasing a bunch of shit all the time. some artists like to perfect their stuff and take a while releasing it
    in short "good rap" isn't being advertised. they would rather play the rappers (who i don't need to list) because it's the trend and it makes money
  16. I obviously do listen to rap :D
    You were kidding, right?
    Which is my gripe to begin with. 'Pac and Eminem were mainstream, and look at the mainstream now. I didn't think I'd have to spell it out :/
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    Social awareness has nothing to do with being a good rapper.
    Just like popularity of an artist cannot determine how good they are.
  18. If you like Eminem he's got a new lp coming out soon. Also if you haven't already noticed, new generation = new taste in music, it's always been that way. Rap has really taken over in the past decade; lots of new rappers, new styles, new genres etc, so obviously a lot of it won't appeal to you (same with me). Old school rap is still alive and strong however, new classics are still being released :)

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    if you always take in consideration the popularity of an artist/how mainstream they are, before ANYTHING then that's just poor judgment
    there are good few mainstream rappers out, don't cancel em out just cos they're mainstream
    op, link some "good rap" so I can try to see where you are coming from
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    I was just posting my opinion. Good to see that 50's fanboys proved me right by being totally rude. Ty, mates.
    Indeed, but mainstream is what my current toke-circle plays, hence my annoyance :D
    Point well made and taken, brother :)
    Edit: @[member="suplove"], for example

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