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the fall of high times.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedeater, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. if any of you guys looked at the high times this month it suck. read this article from cannabis culture. even if you dont like the magazine this was the las tgreat bastion of american counter culture we need to fight for its return.

    The future of High Times
    by Bianca Sind (21 Nov, 2003) World's best known marijuana magazine announces change to non-pot format.

    High Times magazine, the voice of America's pot culture since 1974, has announced that they will be changing their format, and not covering so much marijuana news. "We're trying to get away from just being a pot magazine," said new executive editor John Mailer, in a November 16 interview with the New York Times.

    The newest issue, which hits newsstands November 25, is the first under Mailer's new direction. The cover features no pot references, and there is less pot content inside the magazine than readers would expect. According to the New York Times, the next few issues will be transitional, with the official relaunch issue coming in May 2004.

    High Times was founded in 1974 by eccentric pot smuggler and counter-culture philanthropist Tom Forcade. Forcade killed himself in 1978, under circumstances some consider suspicious. The magazine has had several different phases, but has always had a heavy focus on marijuana news and pot-culture. Since 1988, the editor in chief had been Steven Hager.

    "With the new High Times we're using [pot] as a metaphor," said Mailer. "So it's not a magazine about pot, it's a magazine about our civil liberties, and our tag line is 'Celebrating Freedom.' Our feeling is it's patriotic to be in High Times."

    However, it seems as if Mailer might actually lead the magazine in the opposite direction than its current pro-pot stance. He told the New York Times that he will begin running stories opposed to marijuana use, including people who think pot has ruined their lives.

    Mailer admitted that he didn't even know High Times was still in business until he was offered the job. Mailer has never edited a magazine before, and has had only one published article in his resume. However, he is the son of famed writer Norman Mailer, and he has written and starred in a couple of plays which have been performed off-Broadway.

    Rumours and speculation

    Rumours have been circulating the cannabis industry for months about these impending changes to High Times. Some insiders claim that the format change is being spurred by direct pressure and threats from the DEA. With the February 2003 raids on bong-makers hitting many of their biggest advertisers, the magazine is clearly deciding to target a more mainstream ad base.

    "Who knows what's really going on?" said Dana Larsen, editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, which is based in Vancouver, Canada, but sells most of their copies in the US. "Of course this presents an opportunity for us to reach out to the audience and advertisers that High Times will be abandoning. But even though we have feuded with High Times in the past, I am not happy to see them forsake the pot-culture."

    Larsen added that this could spell trouble for his magazine as well. "If High Times has truly come under pressure from the DEA, then maybe that could happen to us too. We are based in Canada, so we are less easy to target directly, but the DEA could go after the stores and companies that distribute us. If they're going to go after people selling bongs, then why wouldn't they be going after the pot magazines?"

    Ed Rosenthal, who wrote the "Ask Ed" cultivation advice column for High Times from 1983 to 2000 before switching to Cannabis Culture, continues to pursue legal claims against his former employer.
  2. sell outs... wow, that sucks. Eventhough im not a subcriber to high times, i hate to see it get shut down, especially after its long history...
  3. Goddammit. I didn't read High Times either, but it I looked through a couple issues at Newbury Comics before...very entertaining magazine, and now some fucker decides to not only de-emphasize the pot references, but publish anti-herb articles as well? Fuck them.

    Grass City forum users should band together and we should make our OWN magazine. It would fucking kick ass.
  4. That really fucking sucks.

    Guess I have to read Cannabis Culture from now on. They were always kinda better anyway.
  5. Last week I tore out a subscription card and was going to mail it for a 6 month subscription. I really liked the magazine, and would buy them at my local party store. I would have definitatly wanted my money back if I had actually gone through with it. I'm really relieved that I DIDN'T subscribe now. I still may look into Cannabis Culture though.
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I feel forsaken, I need to go cry now.
  7. naaaa... no magazine can keep up with our forum. there's just too much information to print here.

    and cannabis culture is the best one anyways so i don't really care about high times.
  8. fuck the dea

  9. Yeah man, how much would it rock if Erowid replaced the DEA? THAT would make sense.
  10. High Times has sucked for a while. Pretty pictures, some interesting articles, but the bulk of it is ads.

    Every other page is a 4 page ad for:
    LEGAL BUDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I've been getting 'Heads', and 'Weed World' from a friend, and I enjoy them much more than High Times.
  11. High Times was horrible. I have tried numerous times to swalow what they were putting out but it was just too hard. I DO NOT need to know how to get "MaD bLuNtEd Yo!". From what I have observed, you cannot run a viable business when your target audience is 14-15 year old boys who are only interested in cannabis because it's "cool" to be seen smoking pot and because their favorite rapper does it.

    I for one can do without ads for fake buds and I can definitely do without the horrible pop-culture drivel they usually cover. i hope this post makes sense, the flu has pretty much melted my brain.
  12. I'm pissed off. If I would have known they needed an editor, I would have fuckin' applied. I have more on my resume than he does by far. John Mailer can kiss my ass and you had better believe that my subscription will be canceled ASAP!!! So what if he's Norman's kid...who the hell cares?

    UGH! I'm not a happy girl at all. Cannabis Culture all the way from here on out. Damn the jackass who hired him!!! :(
  13. Even though I really didn't see this coming it, I saw it coming.
    Wow. I hadn't heard of such catostrophic news. That really blows.

    This once again is another attempt of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to subdue and fucking fuck their citizen's rights. Who would in their right mind convert the magazine into another format. Mostly something that wont even be supporting a cause many people have faught for. This is all the governments fault.Fuck

    What the Fuck. Even though HIGH TIMES was going down the drain by featuring such rappers like ALi, this has to be an even worst idea for sales,if thats why they are doing it. I wonder who is the snowball who probably doesn't even smoke that thought of this stupid format for the Mag.

    I am truly dissapointed. Say bye to High Times and hello to

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