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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by syntax13, May 10, 2006.

  1. Alright well I've finally started my first grow. I have 3 dixie cups with soil in them atm but I will add a lot more tomorrow, I was kinda pressed for time today. I am using cheapo lawn soil but it seems quite rich for the cheap price of $4 a bag. I have about 16 seeds germinating. I'm not sure how well the seeds will turn out cause I had a collection going in an altoids tin but my friend left it open and it got rained on and they dried out again. Oh well, I'm aimin to grow some decent reggs since its my first grow and my access to supplies is quite limited. I am aiming for a 10 plant grow. Anyways, on with the pictures.

    The Soil



    Cups with soil and planted seeds, if seeds don't sprout I'm going to replace them with sprouts from germination, I just planted those for in the mean time.
  2. The ones in the cup, are they germinated? If not you should keep it in a dark and warm area, and then your odds will be bigger. And maybe put some plastic foil over them during germination so the soil is in a complete "wet" stage. Take the foil off when you see the sprout coming out. Good luck.

  3. Thanks, I'm definately going to try that. I pretty much just planted those seeds for the hell of it since I had to wait for the others to germinate anyway.
  4. Oh, 1 more question. I don't have any large pots and plan on just transplanting them into the ground, of coarse with a hole dug out and filled with the soil I'm using. What is about the smallest I can make the hole without any worry of becoming root bound or running into other problems?
  5. Alright I have no pics today because my camera is dead, but I had very good results with germination. I'd say about 80% sprouted, I had 3 of the sprouts growing in dixie cups and tomorrow I will plant a few more sprouts and more as soon as I can get more soil and cups lol.
  6. Just got done adding 3 more sprouted seeds to cut in half water bottles, I was out of dixie cups. Like I said, its ghetto.

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