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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Q Banger, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Seeds from a previous harvest that developed around week 6. Filled a 4×8 accidentally with them when I realized I planted too many. Didn't have the heart to kill any. Flipped 13 days ago. Hopefully their stable and don't herm. Won't know until I try right? 2 in 10g and 3 in 3g fabric pots. Only have 600w on them right now but will add another 200 (if balls don't show) when my auto finishes in a few weeks. No topping or defoliation going to happen as that's just too much work so I'm letting them grow naturally only tying down when needed. Don't really care about quality just quantity as I already know what this strain is about. It's nothing special but good smoke still. Hoping for around 2#. Anyone try anything similar please chime in. Thanks IMG_20200729_214655125_HDR.jpg IMG_20200729_215146490_HDR.jpg
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  2. why not lower the light so light plants don'r stretch so much?

    you be glad you did

    a $10.00 light meter will help here

    for par you can ...Lu x1.5 = Par

    good luck
  3. I’ve run already 20 plants from hermed seeds on my last grow. No herms. I’ll continue to run them because the strains came out amazing. If anything I just got fem seeds

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  4. Light burn. Plus these are stretchers anyway. Lights are 18" from tops btw.
  5. Hey Q. An off question but if you have tried led and hps what do you like better about either if you have time?

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  6. Never used how only blurple and qb
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  7. Ok man thanks anyway. QB is what I'm headed for but probably at least 1 more harvest first

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