the expendable's new CD "prove it"

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    does anyone else listen to the band that has heard their new CD?

    The Expendables - PROVE IT Presale
    or you could pirate it on your own, but go to their live shows to support

    anyway, what's your favorite song on the disc? a lot of people have been getting mixed reviews on the disc because it's a much different style than their previous CD's as they've backed up from their chiller style of music and now are seemingly coming out of the closet with some real rock stuff instead of their reggae roots

    I really like DCB and Mind Control, One Drop, Wells, Night Mission, Mr. Sun, and Come Get High :hello::smoke:
  2. It's a good album. I wouldn't necessarily say it's worse than their previous albums, just different like you said. My two favorites are D.C.B. (instrumentals are awesome) and Wells (guitar line is simple but sounds awesome).

    More excited for the Tomorrows Bad Seeds album coming out on Tuesday though! :hello:
  3. personally i didnt like it that much i didnt like their style with this one:smoke:

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