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  1. Where to start?

    She is it and I am shit. Her opinion no doubt!
    women have no faults men have but two! every thins they say and every thing they do!!!!!!!
    Men do not forget that^^^^^

    Chemical imbalance of the brain. then the only person whos right is her. A phsycologist told her that she needed medicine to stableise her chemical imbalance and she told him that he needed to get laid. WTF???

    So as the story progresses. I haven't been able to do anything right in over 12 years. I have been there for her through the good times and the bad with the good times disappearing and the bad times taking over.

    Well whats left to do but have her commited! The doctors get her stableised and she is doing great. Then one day she decides she doesn't need the medication no more.

    What happened next like to have ruined me to say the least! Affairs and lies and turning the kids against me. Then she takes off with the kids and I don't even hear from her for a week. That has happened 9 times in the 16 and a half years we had been married. My life and buisness had just about blown to hell in the wind!

    So life turned into a cycle of horrors for me. One week it was this next it was that. I had so many mixed feelings that I thought i was mixed fruit jelly! I was working more and more and not enough money to even eat lunch on. I was fucked.

    Tennessee is a woman state. Unless you can prove abuse to the children, the woman gets custody. Fucked again! Until Last AUgust when my oldest son said " dad enough is enough what can i do". The more I try to get along with her the more I think she hates me. To the lawyers office I go.

    Shit hits the fan!!!!!!!!!

    I'll post more soon. This is a subject that cuts the balls.
  2. Critter you are the only opne that takes a massive tragedy and makes it easier.

    Well I file for a divorce. Papers were delivered and I was down at the shop. NOT GOOD. For two days I get an ear full of I am going to take the kids and you'll never see them again. then she was served papers stating that she could.'t take the kids any where with out the courts permission.

    She gets a lawyer. I 'm thinking noiw things will get solved. A meeting was set up with me and my lawyer, her and her lawyer. Before the meeting was over her lawyer says she can't take her case.

    A great victory for me I think.

    She gets another lawyer and court day is here. Judge listens to phsycologist and other peoples tetimonie and decides to give me temporary custody. The BITC- takes the kids and leaves the state. Goes to her mothers. I am in complete disgust by now. She comes back after a friend of hers tells her that she has a warrent for her arrest. Then gets pissed at ME for telling the courts what she did.
    In retaliation she tells the courts I am a pothead. So i had to meet the judge in chambers and disscuss my problem. He was understanding of (authoritis, and other pains from child hood injuries). He then went on to say wasn't against it. He just said he couldn't agree with me on it (public interest).

    She is not a bad person folks. She is just mentallly unstable at times. The right medicine she is great to be around.

    The judge rules for the divorce be delayed till we get evaluated by a court approved phscologist. The Phsyco ruled her border line so she had to agree to see the phsyco on a regular basis and then see how things start going.

    To make a long story shorter she ended up telling the judge he needed to go to the phsycologist and alot more that i won't repeat and shit hit the fan.

    After a stay at a mental instatution for 30 days. she decides she has been wrong and wants to work things out.

    It's my decision on finishing the divorce or try again. So i try again. she fucked up and I had the divorce finalised.

    Guess what we found out about half way through this ordeal?
    Oh come on sure one of you can guess!!

    The rest of the story coming soon. Gotta get me arse to work!

  3. I didnt make sense of that quote, but i think i get the idea...

    Sorry for what's going on in your life right now bud...even though i'm at a young age, i understand what your saying..

    but i'im still trying to figure out what you guys found out half way throu this "ordeal"

    Keep us posted
  4. Divorce has got to be the most painful word in use today!! Was married nearly 20 yrs., She decides she needs her "space" to decide if her life has turned out the way she had it planned!! I'm playin' music, to help pay bills, in one bar. She's playin' pool, with her single friends, in another!! She can't understand why this might upset me! Cheated and lied to me and the kids sooooo many times, felt she had a RIGHT to live her life the way she wanted, regardless of the effects on us!! Finally asked for Divorce, got EVERYTHING!!
    During the course of this disaster, was informed she was pregnant, had already scheduled an ABORTION, and was NOTHING I could do about it!!!!!!!!!! Talk about feelin' like "mixed jelly" That incident will haunt me for the rest of my life!!( will never even know if it was MY child or not!!! )

    If I hadn't met PoohGator when I did, I'd probably not be here today!! She gave me emotional support, and helped me realize that I had truly tried as hard as I could, It just wasn't up to me!! Lookin' back, I can't believe the "hoops" I jumped thru in the name of "Love"!!!

    I'm wishin' the Best for you and your's Bud Head, take care!!

  5. Me right? Of fuck what have I said now?

    Bud, I'm sorry for the sticky situation you see yourself in right now. But I firmly believe that the harder and uglier scene you ever find yourself in, if you live your life right and do right by others, the better the reward at the end. You reap what you sow and what you give is what you get. Take the high road and don't do anything that you will be embarassed about later. You are a good man from what I've seen and this incident will pass and better days will come.

    And if better days don't come, well come on down to Alabama and sit on my front porch with me. We'll smoke all my joints up till there gone and then go make bamboo pipes to smoke the roaches in. Watch the blue heelers fight and play and cuss the sun for coming up and then cuss it for going back down in the afternoon, little brother!
  6. is this the part where Bud Head gets a teenage girlfriend and a sports car ? ;)
  7. Works for me! :smoking:
  8. OK ya potheads come on in take a seat and pwass me that gooooooood shit.

    Back to the story,
    What the hell was I talking about??STML i guess.

    Oh now I remember Some time in August the day the kids registered for school, she took off with the kids again.
    They were only gone for 36 hours. my oldest son told her if he wasn't back home in time for school to start that he was going to call the law himself. He called her a selfish --- ----.
    That was one of the reasons divorce was filed.

    Now on to the story.

    After all this I am told you know what. I am like WTF do you mean.

    Oh I forgot to tell ya when the papers were filed she started kissing up to me with out much luck I might add.

    Now i'll finish the story.

    She told me about that thing that happened and I just about shit my pants. Now shit is really going to hit the fan. I can't win for loosing.
    Divorce is finale and she is still luiving in this house because she doesn't want to be away from the kids. Soft hearted me told her it was ok but we had to make the den into a bed room for her.

    Damnit I forgot to tell ya I found out she was pregnant during the first battle at the courts. In June the judge will determin if I should have soul custody of the baby. For now we have joint custody but the baby has to live in my house till the hearing.

    Now do ya'll get the picture of hell in Tennessee??

    No teenage girl or sports car. But after i opened up the center i have had female companions to smoke with though.

    ya makin it real hard to turn this into something funny the first thing that springs to mind is WHAT did ya think ya was doing half way through the divorce, making babies. or is bpp right ?

    Not half way through. It was half way through when I found out!

    What did you mean by was BOPP right
  9. How did she act when you had your mini-heart attack?

    She didn't pull out a sledge hammer to give you CPR did she?

  10. eventually i figured it out lol... but why'd you quit your job? (if you dont mind me asking)
  11. LOL critter. I don't get as much as i wish!

    Nothing ever works well with BPP. It wouldn't last long. his wife would be chasing me around and he would be doing with out forever. He had better have a big stash if I come to party. Of course i'll bring some of my shit grown weed.

    Unoit I'll keep that in mind. I may start getting out a visiting some of the mello-fello's around here!

    BPP she didn't do much at all to help. I think she was waiting forr me to kick the bucket. You know how SOME women are.
  12. Bud Head sounds like you've gone through some hell in Tennessee! I do hope you get everything situated, and is the ex living near the kids a good thing? I hope that situation is "working out" to the best of its ability.

    And good thing you put that "SOME" into the "you know how SOME women are" :D
    we're all not that bad!!

    wishin you some peace of mind and a good day/week/as long as it can stretch out!

  13. Every thing is good for now. She has taken her medicine like clock work. If she doesn't, she knows the courts will give me custody of the baby. It is hard on me becuase I don't treat us as married, just live in friends.

    I think I have said before that I stll love her but it can never be again. Things went to far.

    There are SOME GREAT women out there as well.

    Thanks for the good wishing. It's nice to know I have friends here!
  14. Just got to read this, man. I'm sorry for the hell she put you through. I've seen a few of my girlfriends totally lose it and go off the deep end. They have abandon thier families and friends and practically become totally different people.

    I can't comprehend how some women do thier kids. I'm by no means a perfect mom, probably sometimes not even a very good one. I've been around long enough to see what adult head games do to kids.

    I have three boys from two marriages. I can't take it out on my boys because I made the wrong choices. Along with that I wont let anyone badmouth the boys' dad's around them. Both of them are total flakes, liars, and major selfish assholes.

    My older two boys' dad has like 5 other kids (that we know of), has lived 10 miles from us for three years and still wont come around until summer comes. Recently as they have been getting older I haven't had any choice but to explain to them that he's not always truthfull or dependable. He is oblivious to the pain that they have been going through over the years because of him. He's living in a dellusional world where he believes when they get old enough they will come live with him. I think they know who has been there with them through the stitches, cuts, appendix, more stitches, failing in school.............

    X #2, well that was another bad judgement call on my part. He's not quite as stupid as #1..........maybe it's more like he's stupid in a whole different way. He's carryin' around a lot of mental baggage from his childhood-I say GET OVER IT!!!
    Anyway he's put himself in a position where I don't want him to have the young 'un. He's on the run, not literally, I don't suppose. He's managed to find a place to hide a job and a new girlfriend who's taken it upon herself to try to talk me into bringin the boy to see him if they come down to the area and get a hotel room. This was after she told me what a wonderful father he was for her kids and I should just let them come and get him and take him home with them. Some people!!! The one time I did take the boy to see him when they came down I ended up almost kickin' her wasn't (and still isn't) any of her fucking business.

    All I have in this crappy world are my boys. And they are MY boys. I have been here every day and I will be here for them every day for the rest of my life!!! They are my little monster creations!!! One other little thing, I have been thier major financial support throughout thier lives. I have never recieved a dime of child support and the majority of the time I was with these two losers, I was the one workin'.

    That's my x-file.......and the case is closed. No more hubbies and no more babies!!!!

    Just stand your ground BH, sounds like you have your shit together. Just be sure to take your boys aside sometime and explain to them that we're not all like that.........they may be afraid of women (getting close to one, getting hurt by one). Just be sure they know all girls aren't that way and that thier mother has a special problem. I'm sure they've figured that out by now.........I mean I'm sure thier mother really does love them. I guess.........

    Anyway sorry this is so long and you're still welcome to PM me if you ever feel the need!!!!!
  15. You looking for a rose, you got to go to a rose garden.

    You looking for a chicken, you gotta go to a chicken pen.

    You looking for a good women, you gotta go to..... Hell, I don't know where they are. Mine found me, not the other way around.
  16. Good Luck, Bud Head!

    I forget that you are "across the street in Tennessee".

    We do have our fair share of Hell here, don't we?????
  17. Woody and Critter we must be one person. It sounds to me like our only job in life is to keep our old ladies happy. Just put our lives, feelings and wants out in the back yard. I tell ya i'm ready to take care of me. Divorce is finale all except for the baby and she may not be mine so FUCKIT lets get together and share the tale of three bitches!!!
    We could write a best sellers booik!!!!

    Yes RMJL, we do have alot of hell in tennessee. By the way I will be visiting your area sometime in august. Wanna smoke out together??
  18. "The Tale of Three Bitches" written by Bud Head, Woody and Critter.

    This will be a great work of literature that began as a tale of three bitches but quickly turned into the philosophical ramblings of three very stoned men.

    I'd buy a copy.
  19. And Bud Head-if you come out here-it is a given that we'll smoke out. Isn't it like a rule or something? You know, if we go somewhere where someone else from here is, then we HAVE to get super-freakin' stoned with each other.

    Isn't it a rule?

    If it isn't, it damn well should be!!!!!!!!!!!!

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