The Evolutionary Mind of "God"

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    I just recently stumbled upon this very interesting article that discusses what "God" is. It is a long read, but I HIGHLY suggest you take the time out to read it. I'm not going to add anything else yet because I'd like to hear what you think first.

    The Evolutionary Mind of God
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    Sounds interesting. The concept itself has merit, because it would be hard to fathom purpose without measurable growth, right?


    As a follow up to that statement I don't think God necessarily grows in a measurable fashion but when you say right, you are referring to your right hand desision, or your growth decision.

    Left would be wrong. It doesn't even make any sense to say left instead of ok or right.

    wisdom holds a wavy line through left and right, but to wisdom its solid.

    Just remember God is Creation and destruction, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, but truth is always following your heart.

    If your heart is a rock, you will follow truth.

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    I could never believe in scientists explanations of evolution, that it is purely made up of randomly changing traits that survive through chance.

    At the same time, I could never believe that God in an insant created everything to be had and it stayed the same. - (About ants and humans) I enjoy this video, and I don't mind that it is religious, but it says some crooked shit in some crooked ways.

    But science doesn't seem to be any less zealous than the religious institutions they are compared to these days, and have even shown signs of corruption through marketing.

  4. the answer to the ? in your picture is love.

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