the evolution of music

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  1. wow. we went from amazing, beautiful music like this work of art:
    [ame=]The Doors Peace Frog - YouTube[/ame]

    to this. what. the. fuck. can we go back to the 60s please?

    [ame=]wecamewithbrokenteeth - Bitch Please Im a Ninja - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Ease of production and a means to get material out to the world efficiently.
  3. pretty much ^^^
  4. Music just keeps getting worse as time goes on.

  5. thats the sad part...ease of production. thats all its about for motherfuckers these days. they dont put any feeling into the music at all. it takes very little skill. they just put it together for money. generic ass creed. the most godawful band on the planet. generic, horrible vocals, lyrics that make no sense, plain music, monotonous voice and songs that sound the same. almost the same with nickelback.

  6. Eh, I'd struggle to think of one modern band that I truly like. Everything is just so lacking in authenticity nowadays. I'm moving backwards in time with my music.
  7. it's an illusion guys.

    the output in music has always been relatively the same. but the channels with which we hear it have changed. for everyone doors in the 60s there were about 6,000 wanna-bes that never got out of their garage. today we hear them on youtube. in the 60s they never left the garage.

    music hasn't changed, the times have, but the song remains the same ;)
  8. hahaha wecamewithbrokenteeth like the most random youtube band ever

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