The evils of government schooling

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    I Quit, I Think - John Taylor Gatto

    This is a letter written by the former New York state teacher of the year to the Wall Street Journal upon his retirement and some more about how our federalized education came to be what it is

    It's well written and definitely worth checking out

    Also, if you're interesting John Stossel from 20/20 did a great segment on public education in the US called "Stupid in America"

    [ame=]YouTube - Stupid in America[/ame]
  2. just a note- i know that, since you watched 'stupid in america', you know that govt. funded schooling isn't evil, just our american schooling system
  3. I really liked that video. Teacher's unions are scary. haha.
  4. it falls completely on the parents, a bunch of poor minorities that have no established family history on the emphasis of education, media too, soulja boi is much more widely recognized amongst the african american youth than nelson mandela
  5. They are already thumbscanning some kids to get lunches and some want leg bracelets to keep track of them, just preparing them to be slaves, putting your kids in government schooling is moronic, people trully need to rethink and encourage charter non-state affiliated schooling, because the system is fucked up.
  6. ahh the wonders of Unions and socialized schools.
  7. That statement is true. I bet you the Afro-American youth of this country are more familiar with Lil' Wayne than they are with Martin Luther King Jr. also. It's pretty sad what "education" in this country has come to, but it's not just public schools - some colleges are like this now too.
  8. I'm all for hip-hop, but I feel like it has had negative consequences on youth.

    Were the black and white youths more united in the 60s and 70s than they are today?

    I have this image of them chilling together on campus listening to Hendrix or something. Is this a myth, or did something happen to end this unity?

    When I was in school most black kids were all about hip hop culture and I just couldn't relate. They probably felt the same way about me with my classic rock styles.
  9. Music isn't the reason black and white kids don't hang out. It has to do with being from different cultures. Although music is a part of culture, it isn't what divides the races.
  10. It really does start at home. For a kid to really learn anything, they have to want to learn. I'm glad that when I was a child my parents encouraged me to ask anything. My father watched nothing but news constantly and I learned a lot. They made sure I asked what any word I didn't know was. If they didn't know what it was, they made me look in the dictionary. In the first grade, when some of my fellow students couldn't read, I was at a 6th grade level. I've been reading at a college level since 4th grade, and I contribute that to my upraising. When I was hearing all of my friends saying they hated school, I was looking forward to science. Matter is some interesting shit...really.....

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