The Evil Within

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  1. Any of you blades picking this game up when it releases?
    It's made by Bethesda and the creator of Resident Evil.
    Its supposed to go back to the roots of survival horror and it looks pretty good so far!

    Anyone who is into horror games should give It a go, hopefully it doesn't dissappoint!

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  3. Ya i got it preorderd..this is my type of game.
  4. Ill have it tuesday from gamefly. Idk when ill get to it unfortunately. There are way too many games right now/next month

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  5. Imma buy it for xbox360,i lik3 survival horror games and Bethesda has something to do with it so yeah.Hopefully
  6. Really hope this game ends up being good, I need a good single player game right now. Bethesda is just the publisher though so that doesn't mean much.
  7. I hear that!
    I can already feel my wallet becoming lighter the closer november comes along!

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    I have high hopes for both this and the new silent hill, hopefully horror gets done right again!

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  8. Was gonna post a thread about this myself if there wasn't one haha.
    Can't wait for this game. Real survival horror games are few and far between though there has been somewhat of a resurgence lately with stuff like Alien: Isolation, the announcement of Silent Hills and the remaster of the Resident Evil remake which was originally Gamecube exclusive.
    Most horror games seem to be in first person nowadays so the third person perspective of The Evil Within is refreshing. A new horror game made by the director of the original Resident Evil as well as RE4 and the 2002 remake almost seems too good to be true to a survival horror fiend like myself, but impressions so far suggest it is the real deal (though technical issues will probably affect review scores etc a little bit) and there have been quite a few comparisons to Silent Hill which is awesome as I much prefer that style of horror to the RE style as much I like most RE games as well. 
    Review embargo ends in about 5 and a half hours I think, but a few reviews have surfaced already and it's mostly getting 8-8.5 out of 10 so far. This is a game I know I'll love regardless of what it gets on metacritic or whatever though, it could get below 70 and still probably be my GOTY but I think it'll be more like 80-85. 
    Getting a new TV soon as a birthday present that I'll mostly be paying for myself and am considering not playing this game till I have it as it'll probably be 50" which is a pretty big upgrade from my current 32" TV that I'm gonna use as my PC monitor once I get the new one. I dunno though, I could always replay it on the new one 2 weeks from now and it would still be awesome. 
  9. I pre ordered it , and im picking it up in an hour

  10. I pre ordered it too, hopefully picking it up after work in about 3 hours!

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  11. Pretty fucked up so far!

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  12. That game looks sick. They said its like a hybrid of RE1 and RE4. Waiting for the price to drop as Destiny and Shadow of Mordor are keeping me busy.
  13. I couldn't play fear, nor amnesia. I'll probably give this a go anyways.
    ..I fear the outcome will be the same 
  14. its pretty good.  It gets started pretty fast haha. gruesome shit starts to happen right away.  
    It would be sick if they brought out a new RE outbreak, so you can do coop with other ppl online.  
  15. Or make a good online survival horror, but I find it isn't as immersive with other people

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  16. so can't wait to play
    almost done downloading it :yay:
  17. I got it and I'm pretty happy with the way it is. I'm a BIG Resident evil guy I had the first one at Re 1 to 6. This game us somewhat similar but like u all know it has its on style. Some parts of the game will shake u up a bit so b prepared for that. N with that stamina running and something chasing u is crazy.

    So many times I'm running around because I'm being chased I change the screen to turn around n there right there be like ohh shit! I also like the feature if this game having like a "safe room". I missed that in all the Re after Re4. It still has chapter completion but throughout the chapter u have to find safe room to save.Once I get my coffee imma b back at it but I recommend the buy
  18. Debating between this and shadow of mordor as my next pick up...hmm decisions decisions.
  19. 2 different games The evil within is a surviver horror the other game seem like a midevil god of war type of thing
  20. fuckin a
    this game is badass :metal:
    stuck at a part in chapter 2, just keep dying right before the checkpoint
    even on my apu, with 1 gig dedicated graphics card, the game runs smoothly at full resolution (fxaa and shadows turned down)

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