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The Everybody Appreciation Thread!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KraziHare, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. I don't know why but I'm SO FUCKING HAPPY today. Maybe it's that damn manic dpressive disorder kicking in or maybe it's the two bottles of peppermint schnapps I drank. Whatever.

    In any case, even if someone's already done a thread like this (can't remember), I was just thinking that too many people around here feel underapreciated or overappreciated or sorry or anything else.

    So to avoid all that, I'm making a thread where people can appreciate whoever or whatever they want. It'll be like thanksgiving without the relatives. Or guy faux day for you crazy ferners.

    This way no one will feel anything but appreciation and love and boobies.

    Am I the only one here that feels the boobies...I mean love?

    It'll be an appreciation socialism! Redistribution of the appreciation! Down with the killjoys, and the buzzkills, and the killer robots. Damn them! No. Appreciate them, do it so much that they must lose their robot ways and join us in our appreciative revelry.

    I truly appreciate all of you!

  2. Don't you start trying to suck up to me you crazy hippy rabbit :D
  3. Those are my out, you cwazy wabbit!!!

    So, what you are saying, then, is that it's ok to drink this early in the day? Hell yeah, I appreciate everything then...or everybody....I'm appreciating, that's all I know.

    "Margaritaville" baby!!! Crank it up!!!! Bubble, bubble, bubble bubble!!!!
  4. I appreciate the hell outta my connection every time I light up.

    I also hate the bastard, too, if I run out of weed or cash to buy the weed
  5. honestly.....who cares.... everyone deserves some lovin.... and those who think differently....can stfu !
  6. peace....ya'll make this a great place to stay.
  7. hahahaha i like it ganjamom!!!

    ev1 deserves a great big smoocherola!!!!!!!

  8. yay! that is some very funny and witty stuff, roflmao!
  9. Right on.
    Down with killer robots!
  10. amusing but true.

    thats whats needed here. redistribution. damn right. i knew there was a deaper core reasoning to teh philosophy behind my disaproval of aproval.

    i think i started an appreciation thread once, for services done by that individual for the whole. and that is what's important the whole. and what makes up the whole? us... all of us. we are all the unique individuals that make up the city... even the clones. ;)

    i'm sure everyone realises tho... that despite inequality in certain aspects, we are all equal as individual wholes.

    so if you're reading this..
    WOOHOO TO YOU! You're great!

  11. weyhey for everyone! :D

    i'm getting cityitis again! :)

    and krazi.. thnx for starting this much needed thread (whether there has been ones like it already or not.)
    here's something that came up first time i entered cannabis into teh sloganator. ;D

    thought it appropriate for a thread started by you.

    Attached Files:

  12. hooray for everything :D

    hahahhah sounds like one of those childhood motivational speaking groups that goes around all the elementary schools hahaha

    this is a great place, your all good people ;)

    and boobies! i looooove boobies. and whos trying to thwart my army of killer robots??!?

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