The Europe Disscussion Thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 11, 2003.


Europe should be...

  1. Europe.

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  2. the United States of Europe.

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  3. Eurasia.

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  4. A BIG CHONGFEST WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF LEGAL GANJA FOR ALL! :D (gee i wonder which one you'll a

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  1. (please note the lack of "official" or "unofficial" in the title) ;)

    i just wanna get a grasp of everyones opinions about this.

    despite my little dig at nearly every member state in Europe in the "black President?" thread, you may be suprised to hear that i am actually very pro Europe.
    I think the sooner UK joins the Euro currency the better it will be for the rest of europe as well as britain itself. and not only in terms of ecconomy either. but for political reasons too. many of the smaller nations are currently perhaps a little annoyed about the unbalanced influence the franco-german pact has over europe... perhaps another "chief" (i use the term jokingly) would ease the balance.
    And of course the global picture may look a little more rosey. that is of course if the UK could maintain its relationship with America whilst strengthening its bond to Europe.

    Its not all fairy tales of a brighter tomoro tho.
    The main aspect that i'm not entirely happy with is that joining the euro would pretty much throw a spanner in the works for the current plans and initiatives of the Scottish Socialist Party. But that can change... because, that is the very nature and philosophy behind a united europe... It is adaptive and ever changing to best suit the needs of the member nations and the people.
    The other is the idea of having a President. this seems totally against the principals that europe finally decided to unite under.

    Should Britain join?
    What is Europes fate?
    Should Russia join up too!?? lol
    I want everyones opinions... no matter where you come from in the globe (or offworld)... tell the blades what you think.
  2. I think that europe should just be a lot of countries with a lot of agreements within each other, inport, export, traveling etc. but I don't think that we should have some general type of laws and stuff, the countries in EU are different from each other and that should be the way now on, no "european" people or "european" culture just an alliance in a lot of stuff but not every country the same....
  3. yeah, i'm in total agreement with that.
    there's been far too much attempts at getting a "one rule fits all" type system on the go, and europe just isnt like that. Thats the real reason behind why the UK havnt jumped in with both feet. well.... that and all the negative campaigning in the rightwing controlled tabloid newspapers.
  4. "06-11-2003" just a year ago!?

    ha. well, thats all been getting shat on quite nicely hasnt it.

    don't ya just love our magicians?

    oops, did i say magicians then? i ment politicians of course.
  5. Chongfest Chongfest! LOL

    Actually i have no idea, not really into all that politics and stuff.
  6. Europe should be Europe. A ground of countries. A continent. All with independent governments. Grouping them all together would make them all 1 country, ran by the most powerful countries, and we all know how much powerful countries are hated.......

    I Wonder who would emerge as the leader(s) of an European Nation. Which countries would have the most infulence? Who would be the leader? Whos forign and domestic policy would be adopted? Europe is a diverse place. Many different languages and cultures. I dont know how good making 1 european country would be. I think there would be a big power struggle.
  7. hey, wheres the poll option for germania? of my friends in holland said his country got fucked over when they switched to the euro.
  8. wow! actually seeing people choose Europe really made me think about my choice!! edit, im all about the ganjafest..didnt want anyone to think i was all about the US slapping its name on another country

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