The entire U.S. West Coast accepts marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by tstick, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Washington
    And all of them are bordering each other!!

  2. Indication ive gotta move there!
  3. yup noticed that 10yrs ago
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    You do realize California isn't fully legal, right? Just MMJ.
    So if you're including MMJ as, "acceptance," it's been that way since 1998.
    Cali voted in MMJ in 96.
    Washington and Oregon 98.
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    You don't say. Where have I been these last 20 years.
  6. The last 20 yard?
  7. I do now. But, ironically, California is THE state that has more marijuana than any other…so I assume it will be legal there very soon. 
  8. Damn. This thread is a total fail. Sorry! :)
  9. Hence why we won't vote yes on any of these week bs MJ laws

    Dc passed the first reasonable one.
  10. Okay. I hope California comes up with something that works for them and then I'll make another thread that will be correct. :)
  11. you guys forgot alaska. and Brisitish columbia.
    Almost the entire western shoreline of north america is inindated with stoners :)
  12. This thread sucks man.
    Nevada is assumed to pass the ballot initiative in 2016, so I mean...

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  13. Don't forget Alaska has legalized pot along with Washington and Oregon. And California has the most liberal Medical marijuana law in the country with the ability to grow up to 200 plants, I think, in some counties. Up here we can have one little ounce which is great compared to what is was last week.

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