The Enormous Bud that never finishes advice needed

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  1. The strain in question is Big Bud. Btw it is no joke that it is called big bud. I am enclosing some pictures most are of the enormous colas and then one of the bottom buds of the plant.

    This rascal has been in flower 12/12 since 9/1. It has looked like it looks in these pictures for over 3 weeks. What gives? The bottom part of the plant is ready with my desired ratio of about 10% amber. The main colas have 90% cloudy and 10% clear and have had that for 3 weeks. Is there anything I can do to hurry it along?

    And yes people that is a 2 liter bottle next to the colas!

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  2. Anybody....... Bueler.... Ferris bueler?
  3. NICE BUDS! I've heard of people dropping the lighting to 11/13, but I would say just be patient a little longer. Good luck!
  4. Yeah man some strains are like that they take a while for the trics to turn I waited up to 12 to 14 weeks at times it'll happen just be patient and make sure your conditions are as optimal as possible
  5. big bud impress me but how does it tastes?Maybe you should flash dry some and see how the high is..That will tell you
  6. hmmm i have an unknown plant that may be big bud, almost at 60 days, kinda wondering when to chop it too. how does yours smell dude? sweet with a pungent after-aroma. if that makes sense.

    my pistils are finally beginning to discolor.
  7. Big Bud? How did they come up with that name :D
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    Aside from hormone treatments, I dont know what would speed it up. I'd just harvest the lower buds as they finish, and grab the top colas the week after or w.e(after they finish)
  9. Any light leaks. That slowed my plAnts down
  10. Thanks for all the responses. No light leaks and optimum conditions. Just expected it to be done by now given all the research about it being a pretty quick finisher.

    Finally I see progress as the red hairs begin to creep from the bottom of the cola upwards. The top half still is white as the driven snow. So, at this rate, they should be ready in a few days. I turned my ballast up to super lumens and this seemed to help.

    We harvested some of the bottom nugs the day of this OP. Dried them with a dehumidfier close by. Smoked some! For uncured weed I was pleasantly surprised. The smell was unusually tropical and the taste fruity in nature. I never would have guessed this given the pungent cat piss smell the plant is putting forth while growing. VERY crystally and appears will have great bag appeal. As far as the quality of the high.......somewhere between very good and great. Long lasting for sure with a creeping come down. We are pleased and cant wait to try a totally cured sample.
  11. Will the trichs def. Turn amber? My white Russian and. Sour Dee is 8 weeks one day and have seen zero amber. According to info I found online the white Russia. Should be done



  12. your hairs are still white and leaves stilll green,

    that usually means it needs more time.

  13. I agree. However, they are speeding up. The hairs are starting to recede. They are still white but some reds are starting to show up in good proportion. I have about 5-10% amber trichs. I dont want any more than that so think I am going to harvest Tues or Wed. if they keep the same maturation rate up.
  14. Should I wait to see amber? I have six white Russian and six sour deisal. The sour deesal take another month... first pic sour dee. Second pic white Russian


  15. wait for sure . your yield will be made up in the final few weeks make sure you give them that lol. what till the fan leaves have yellowed off and check for a natural amber glaze all over the bud thats another key to harvest. also if there are new white pistils popping that means more buds are trying to grow. check for swollen calyxes also . dont completley go off of trichs
  16. OK how long u think it will be been 8 weeks two days
  17. To the OP, that's quite unusual that the bottom buds matured faster than the main colas. NICE WORK BTW!!!! Are you certain there isn't a ray of light coming in and hitting the tops? If that's definitely not the case, then all I can say is wait. I've had skunk plants do that before, where every plant in the patch would finish about the same time, and one freaking plant would seem like forever to finish. Recessive genetics can be a bitch.
  18. Certain there are zero leaks. Yes this has been unusual from my limited experience. I shit you not, the bud has looked exactly the same for three weeks when I posted the OP. Then, after harvesting the bottom of the plant she finally woke up and started to mature more it seems. This thing is freakish the largest cola weighs between 1/2 - 3/4 pound by itself(laying it on scale the best I could while still on plant) hell with a normal shrinkage factor that should net some good weight in the end. Keep in mind that the other four colas are between that size and a 20oz bottle Damn glad I took some clones of this babe and gave to a buddy so he could keep the strain going for me lol.

    The reviews on this strain have been just ok to good. I am a 30 year veteran smoker but a newb grower. What I smoked of this was dank as hell and I would rate it very high. I have had better but geesh when looking at a good happy medium between, yield, bag appeal, and quality of high this strain is tops! I am a Big Bud fan!
  19. Big bud definitely has it's place in the books, that's for sure. I'm running SS Chronic this go-around indoors, but I won't get to see it's true potential flowering under an MH. It's reportedy another mammoth cola yielder, so we'll see how she does in about 8 weeks.
  20. I dont get it my trichs have not shown any amber at all but I noticed they are starting to wither away. Doesn't that usually happen after ambet


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