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  1. Yesterday me and the girl split and it is the most horrible feeling in the world! I hate this shit! After 3 years feels like it was all for nothing. I don't even know what to do anymore, the things I was going to do were with her so now i'm just lost.

    Everything I see or think about reminds me of her and its painful.
  2. Everyone has been there, "time heals all wounds". It WILL get better eventually but right now it's going to hurt. Good luck man.
  3. Yes, it can feel like it will never go away....been there, done that....but you know what? It does.
  4. Its not like we split on bad terms or anything like that, I feel that makes it harder.

  5. Oh wow, cool.
  6. I brought it up but I didn't think she wanted to split, it was a little bit of a long distance relationship but not really.. it is really confusing. Nothing has any fun in it at all. Never felt so alone either.
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    Well if you're the one that brought it up, what were you looking for, her to say no so you could feel all happy?
  8. Well I could tell she wasn't as happy as she used to be, she has a lot of bad history so I was wondering if it was me or not. It wasn't me but I didnt help she said I dont know whatever I guess. So yeah was hoping she would have said something to make me feel better lol.
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    All that comes to mind is a girl asking," am I too fat, do these pants make my ass look big". Sounds like you came across a little needy. Personally I know I can't stand that.

    Sorry about the break up dude, hopefully you feel better soon.

  10. Yes, it was the same with my last bf...and it was long just wouldnt work b/c we couldnt be a part of each other's 'in-town' lives, but at the same time neither was willing to move from their hometown. We tried to maintain being friends, but that was too hard emotionally on both.

    Just let it be. You made that decision for a reason. Or if you are re-thinking, you should be willing to move. If not, then maybe that should tell you something.
  11. i'm with you here. my girl friend of four years and i broke up a few months ago, and about a month ago she started fucking one of my former best friends. this is the reason we aren't best friends anymore.
    every single thing reminds me of her also.
    just get out there though and be with your friends. company helps so much. especially if you can hit up some parties and mingle with some new people.

    it's tough man but it does get better
  12. Sorry to hear about that, that is the worst possible outcome :( Kinda how is was with my first girl. (she was a naughty word)

    She moved to get away from this town, two hours away. She has bad history in this town with friends and suicide, etc.
    I remind her of this town i'm sure so she probably wanted to cut all ties with this town, and I would have moved down there too.

    Yeah this is my second breakup from a relationship that has last 3 years or more. This is way worse then the first.
  13. Man that blows!

    All I can say is you WILL get over it, you WILL find someone special, you WILL be happy again. Unfortunately this shit is apart of life that one must go through.

    Try to take your mind off, don't be all in the dumps, cheer up, surround yourself with family and friends.

    Enjoy yourself, because in my eyes you are free now. Free to do whatever.
  14. Smoke a blunt man :)
  15. I can truly feel for you as I'm in a very similar situation. The best girl I've ever known, that ive been seeing for almost a year has left across the country yesterday. She's there for 2 months before returning to her country(Brazil) when her visa expires. Even though I've known it was coming it still hurts the same. A part of me was hoping that she'd come to her senses and just stay! But alas, it wasn't the case. I've never felt as close to someone as I did with her and it feels like I'll never find someone as good ever again.. I feel so alone...
  16. I know your pain all to well :( :(

    Stay positive. Don't think of this as the end, but the beginning of a new part of your life.

    Eventually youll start to move on and forget and be able to go a day without thinking about her all the time because your mind will be focused on something else.

    Don't think of your guy's relationship as a waste. Being in a relationship with someone and loving them will always have an influence on your life and the way you love other people and yourself. so when you are in a new relationship you know what you want and need and its because your past relationships have helped mold you.

    There are other awesome fish in the sea. There is some girl out there who will blow your mind and be amazing, I promise. You'll be fine, it just takes some time.

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