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The end to my long day..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Justdontcare, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    ahh...sour diesel <3
  2. Looks fantastic, wish I had some of that in front of me!
  3. Dude this pizza tastes like peanut butter man. Fucking stoned.
  4. uhhh sorry but not Sour d, it's not a purple strain.

    Looks like an indica to me anyways, looks nice.

  5. The color is just what the temp. was. There are purple genetics in plants but it's in almost every strain, including sour d.

  6. Thats what I thought...
  7. Well it's either Granddaddy purp or sour d. The guy I buy from just tells me a name I just go with it. Buds bud to meeeee.
  8. Oh so now since it has a tint of purp in it, it's Grand Daddy Purp?
    now we all KNOW that ain't Sour D, you'll jus give any ol name to dank lol
    I've had Sour D with tiny tinges of Blue but I mean extremely small tinges almost like a spot.

    Edit: and one poster is right, that looks hella like an Indica. Which Sour D is not.
  9. Can't you give the guy a break? We all know its probably not sour d but if thats what the OP says it is, let him be happy and enjoy his smoke. People who always bash others is what ruins this good site, everyone just needs to chill. Fuck
  10. Whatever the hell strain it is, it looks frosty as hell & I would gladly smoke it. Enjoy that stuff, man.
  11. lol why does everyone on this forum get so offended over every little thing. I didn't say anything bad about his bud or anything all i said is that i'm pretty sure it's not sour d because 1) i've never had sour d with purp in it and 2) sativas aren't really known to have round dense buds like that...nothing to get offended about it looks like a great u said just smoke on.
  12. how is sour diesel compared to lemon haze or orange kush? which is better/which would you buy?
  13. Damn never realized how butthurt people get over names. It's all in your head people!
  14. Looks just like the GDP I got, nothing like sour d. Puts you on your ass, right? Smells like grape?
  15. Thats a pretty dense sour nug. all the sours i have had are on the fluffier side, good grab though
  16. Exactly, that shit was so good. People gotta understand out here in NY we buy from sketchy guys who are usually to high to remember names anyway. They usually give me 3-4 different names it could be or call it a random kush or haze depending on it's indica/sativa status!
  17. Seems like a very nice way to end a productive day my friend. Enjoy.

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