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the end times

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fer405, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Have you guys ever thought about wat happens when you die and you get real deep into it and your just shitting bricks all day? I do.....I think Wen we die we move on to a new life like being reincarnated and then I realise we won't remember anythin of this life and all the bonds and families and friends we have had we just forget about all that and start a new life, maybe it happened already before and we don't remember....and I have an alternate ending where we are in a dream less sleep when we are dead so we never wake up from that dark existence and then the universe end and then nothing for all eternity there's nothing left and we are never coming back, no more life ever again Or seeing people Or anything fucking heavy shit.
  2. I don't even...
  3. This is.. just...
  4. i want to be reincarnated
  5. I need to get this high again.

    All I have is the "we die and go into the ground forever" weed.
  6. I'm not sure it's ever possible for us to answer the question of 'when we die' because of the way our brains function.

    Think about this: A person who is blind from birth cannot even fathom what we mean when we say I can't imagine what it would be like to not see. Why? Because you have to learn to see, sight is a construction of the brain and because these people have never experienced sight their brains simply have not learned it and cannot even wrap itself around the concept of sight while their brain figures out how to operate around the other senses at a high rate of efficiency. It's like sight doesn't matter, but to us, can you imagine it? Nope, you can't even wrap your brain around it, you can rationalize the concept but you CANNOT put yourself in the position of someone who experiences life in this manner, it's completely alien to those of us who were born with sight.

    Lots of time went by when you weren't alive, what was that like? That's probably what it's like to be dead.
  7. I hope we are in some kind of simulation and "he" god or whatever, send us to another simulation but you will not remember anything. Well we are humans, we have memories and we are most evolutioned kind on Earth, its not just luck, there must be something bigger, we just cant know it.
  8. Haha Yea I was pretty high when I wrote that, still scares the shit out of me. So you guys ever think of crazy shit like that? If so tell your story
  9. Exactly. I WANT there to be a purpose in the world, and I also KNOW there is

  10. I dont trust in that scientic BIG BANG but I am not even in any religion, its just not possible for me that one small molecul made this whole space.
  11. But that's the human condition, I don't understand how people who can ground themselves in rationality and what is 'real' will turn around and know there's something after life. We live our lives based on logic.. you follow the rules of physics, of gravity.. Why then, can you turn off logic on certain issues and turn to complete irrationality and rules of life that we do not abide by. We abide by the rules of the world, the rules of science.

    Death isn't something to fear, it's simply another part of life, probably the last part of it. You didn't exist for billions upon billions of years. Why would you all of a sudden be thrust into existence for infinite? We are all constantly changing, change isn't scary. It's pretty much impossible to shed those sort of beliefs because they are hardwired into your unconscious mind but you can use what you've got (your conscious mind) to rationalize using the laws of the universe to observe what is occurring in life.

    Btw, it's hardwired into our brains because it's useful to us. Pleasure, pain, etc. All exists because it serves an evolutionary purpose.

    Yes, but why do you not trust in the big bang yet trust in something you have no evidence of? Makes no sense.

  12. You answered yourself that question, I dont trust it because there no evidence of it and rationally its not possible that one atom make infitive space, same as you said that life cant be infinitive, why then space can be? Makes no sense.
  13. [ame=""]The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson) - YouTube[/ame]

    Enlighten yourself.
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    Well, I believe that we are forever reliving the same life, over and over again, we just dont know it. We forget every time we die, and thats why we dont remember. But, Deja Vu is flashes of our memory coming back, flashes of these former lives. Honestly though, the concept of death and nonexistence is so foreign to our brain that I dont believe we can comprehend it without the use of mind altering substances (unmentionables).
    Trying to comprehend something that is the complete opposite of everything we will ever know is mind blowing/destroying.
    There is of course the theory that "heaven" is just an endless DMT trip caused by the DMT released by our brain when we die. For those of you who don't know, DMT is a chemical manufactured in our pineal gland, released when we dream and when we die. Scientists really dont have a good understanding of why its there, but it is. It is in every living thing, including plants.
    But like I said, death and nonexistence is a massive concept and no one really has any goddamn clue what happens to us when we die, so for me its better just to not worry about it because there isn't one fucking thing we can do to put it off.

    tl;dr fuck you read the whole thing
  15. everyone thinks about it. there's so many possibilities. I don't think about it as much anymore..... from 18-25 it was something I thought about waaay too much. bought all sorts of books on philosophy and religion....... read a bunch of shit on the internet...... it took over my life thinking about death. it made me into a hermit and kind of depressed. I try to embrace life now. I have no idea what if anything will happen to ME after i'm dead...... I find it hard to believe that there is nothing more than a rotting body going back to nature.... I think this life is for me to learn something...... I just can't figure it out.
  16. Lol, well first off there is evidence. Space is not infinite, it's expanding. We don't know the origins of the big bang, but to say that it makes no sense? We know what happened after the big bang, we know that it occurred, nobody is saying anything beyond that. But then you think there has to be SOMETHING out there, you trust your gut yet you don't trust the big bang? My argument is that you can not trust science, or the big bang, go for it. But then to trust your gut or something? Lol, what.

    It's like the people that don't believe in global warming. You can show them the evidence, they say that's not evidence, you can show them that the polar ice melt has been reduced by something staggering like 60% over the last 30 years, but they'll still believe whatever bullshit is in their head.
  17. When I smoke, and I lay down to go to sleep, I like to spend a little time laying down trying to remember memories I've forgotten. This one time I saw myself above the earth as an energy of thought and I thought something that felt like "Oh no, here we go again!" and I was pulled with great force towards the Earth from far far far away. Then I felt all my memories disappear.
    As soon as I "remembered" this memory, I KNEW I lived it. That "spirit" was me in-between life about to be placed in a being.
    So my theory is we're just a bunch of floating thoughts inhabiting living bodies.

  18. Theres no evidence about its expanding its just opion, my opion is that space isnt infinite. We dont have any evidence that there was Bing Bang, so then its not possible to have origins. We dont know what happend after big bang, we just making puzzle what could be before us, long time ago, we cant find start, without end and story.

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