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    "Ok i Feel like the human race is doomed for extinction we dont stand a chance. OK I have somewhat a negative view on the human race as whole. I have little hope in our race. I think we are doomed with our selfishness and greed, as well as our everlasting attempts to control the people around me.
    I have a dream for our race. I wish one day where we can all live in peace with each other. Where people are not been outcasted because they are a different race, different sex, believe in a different god or simply don't conform to the society. I had hoped that we will arrive there one day but after what I've seen of our race over the past few years (I know I'm not that old but even young people can have views right?) I have lost almost if not all hope of that dream.
    Some people may call me a communist, but I'm not a communist because I don't think communism would ever work. Communism is a great idea and a dream of perfection but it's an idea that can never be achieved in reality. Communism has been getting a bad rap in the past because of Stalin, Mao and other dicators who have rule with a iron fist under the name of Communism. What they present are not Communism, they were never true Communist. Communism envisions a world where everyone can live in happiness and peace, where no police is needed because the society policed itself and where no money is needed because everyone had everything they ever needed (obviously a shortened and quick version of Communism).
    Now you can see why this can never happen. For Communism to happen, we have to assume that people can rise above their greediness, selfishness and their forever quest for power. That will never happen. Unless we can evolve to something better, that will never happen. The reason why captialism is so successful is because it uses the fact that people are inheritly greedy and selfish. It prompts and encourages people to search and grab power whenever they can. Look at it this way, why do most people go to university? Ask anyone and the most likely answer is, "I want to be able to get a job after?" Ask them again about why they want a job and they say "I want to be able to make money". That's not right, now you ask me why should we go to university? I think we should go to university for the sake of study, not to get money, fame or be able to control others. Knowledge is now been rated by how much money you earn. Back a few hundred years, strive for more knowledge is not been fueled by money and fame, I think it's better then, that's when science is "pure", when there's no motive for anyone to fake results.
    It is interesting to me that the Western countries hate Communism so much but in reality, shows like Star Trek prompt Communism. Take the Federation for example, if we look at it carefully, it has money aspects that resemble Communism. In the Federation, the entire Earth is united, there are no independent countries and everyone work for the good of the human race. That's the way it should be. I think the perfect future for us is not Captialism and nor is it Communism, it should be a mixture of the two. A combination where money and Captialistic economy still exists somewhat but the product of such economy is used to drive and fuel the research for the human race as a whole.
    However, I don't think we will be able to get to that point, not if we can't see that there are more than just money in this world. Money doesn't rule this world, WE do. There are things that are more important in life than money, and I don't mean things like love and etc, I mean people need to see that we need as a race need to better ourselves. We can forever be trapped in this individual obession for control and for power.
    One of my friend ask me once, she said "If you dislike it so much, do you try and distance yourself from all that?" and I said, no I don't. Why not, she then asked? I can't I said, that's what society is. If I distance from everything that I dislike in this society then I will be an outcast of the society. It's a choice of whether to become an outcast of the society for the rest of your life or live with the imperfection of our society.
    I sincerely hope that one day our race will evolve to the stage where we can rise above the insignificance of money and other measurement of greed and power. I know I wouldn't be alive long enough to see it. But it comforts me that one day, maybe generations later than my descendents maybe able to see, enjoy and contribute to such a society (I haven't lost all hope, I still wish and pray that one day it will happen....).:("
  2. I read your whole post dude... it deep...

    but you gotta realize, we all doomed to extinction brotha with or without greed/selfishness. We all die, our own sun will die and expand engulfin our planet...

    I agree with you though, humanity needs to wake da fuck up.
  3. I agree with alot of what you are saying. The world is doomed in a way. What gets me is how many people in society don't appreciate how amazing life is, out of all the known universe we are the most intelligent life form, capable of the most amazing things imaginable. We have consciousness, the ability to question our very own existance, free will etc etc. Yet most people are so occupied by material possessions etc that none of this matters.

    We should be cherishing life and making the most of it, if we actually put aside our inherit greed, love of power and selfishness we could all be living in fucking UTOPIA.

    Stay positive though OP, there are lots of people out there that are aware of all the BULLSHIT going on. You are not alone.
  4. im not depressed or anything i just look at it as live life to fullest and smoke a lot of weed.
  5. Were animals. We fuck and we'll overpopulate and we already are. The world can only substain 5.4 billion people with its natural resources. We are above that already. Whether it be nuclear winter, a meteor, or a world war, humanity is going to be fucked due to overpopulation of its ownself.

  6. HOW? :eek:

  7. uhh with my eyes bro?
  8. One day we will go the way of the dinosaurs, darkness and death on the earth. but this time is will be our own damn fault. But earth will live on, and different species will populate the the planet again.

    until the sun finally burns out, in about 5 billion years.

  9. :rolleyes:

    my eyes tweaked when i saw that wall of text

    but we all have our philosophical sides
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    you just TELL ME that don't make you smile boy
  11. Hey how did you get a picture of my closet
  12. That would make my head explode
    in a good way

  13. There's a thread called "Was Marx Correct After All?" :)

    I think it would interest you. Try doing a search for it.
  14. i couldnt say it any better myself. you got it figured out

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