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The end of the world... so soon??

Discussion in 'General' started by xNeeKx, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. you know how many people and how many times the end of the world has been predicted to be "soon"

    hasnt happened yet, im not worried about it.
  2. that site is too rediculous to be taken seriously.
  3. those are just a whole bunch of psychotic fuckers that try to scare people.......they need to go on the official fuck off thread........" I'm afraid I lost the plot with some ____head Americans (you are not all ____heads by the way) ".......lol potheads???
  4. you may think im stupid, but ive been having these feelings, like theres no time left..

    it kinda scares me, but wat ever it is , its inevitable

    that cracked me up, i read it like that in a high voice " OHMYYYGODD!! WEEERRRE ALLLLGONADIIIIE!"

    Thanks man, thc

  6. isnt the crab nebula a few million light years away or someting? if it is how can the cloud hit our solar system? and there are always meteors heading directly towards us... but the chances of it staying in a straight line and not bein blown of course by somthing are very small.

    wasnt there another internet dooms day story with someone named john titor or something like that? he supossedly came from the future and posted on a forum much like that bushcountry, and said that a giant war was coming and we would be seeing signs soon.

    i personally think its bullshit...if the dust cloud reaches us on the eight or ninth we would probably have seen it by now.its still interesting however.
  7. well, we ARE going through two wars, drug, and iraqi...

    and ive been seeing alot of sings lately..like i said avove
  8. Wouldnt it be crazy if it were true... holly shit, kinda makes me a little bit nervous, just because of the flashes of light we had here in the Pacific Northwest.... and they are still happening, they arent really increasing at all though...
  9. guys a nut, even if it we were all going to die why would we spend our time trying to figure out what exactley is going to do it? why not go out and have fun for the last moments of our lives.. if it happens we cant stop it, what am i going to do?? run outside and yell at a cloud to go away? its not going to work.. im going to die one day anyways, but if i knew it was comming i think id like it more..... well we will see in a few weeks i guess!

  10. I can see the headlines now:

    Stoned man yells at cloud, is ignored by all.
  11. why thank you.

  12. I know everything

  13. I live my life like this anyways, so it wouldn't change a thing if tommorow was the last day.

    But yeah i guess we will know in 24 hrs or not if this thing is a hoax or not.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Dude, you gotta stop beleiving everything you read on the internet. Especially something you read on a government website.

    Just remember IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNET!!!!! everything you read has to be taken wih a grain of salt. That's the problem, the internet has given everyone a voice but unfortunately most people are retards and don't deserve a voice.

    Nothing is going to happen. That site is filled with so much flim flam and chicanery it's not even close to funny. And that's a lot, because flim flam and chicanery are funny words.

    If this was going to happen. We would see this "Dust cloud" days if not weeks before it hit earth. And here it is on June 8, and I look up at the sky and lo and behold but what do I see? Nothing.

    So guess who's right here. Is it logical, and smart me? or crazy, paranoid you?
  16. "We believe a pre-tribulation rapture event will take place but in order for it to take place, scripture points out that the Anti-Christ will be revealed to the world before this rapture occurs."

    Nah, guys relax. I'm too stoned to reveal myself right now. And there's a new shipment of hash coming in on friday, so you'll prob'ly not see me the rest of this month
  17. as far as im concerned, i know nothing about anything, be it the end of the world, god, or the afterlife, but neither the fuck does anyone else. so ill believe what i want, and you can beleieve what you want. but im still not gonna live my life around the fact that the world might end tomorrow
  18. What the? the worlds gonna end?! argh!!!

    oh wait, they said that for the year 2000...

    ...then 2001 cause apparently the 'millenium was the wrong year'....

    ...and almost every ten minutes theres summat gonna kill us all...

    ...so how about we concentrate on what were all good at. pissing many governments off by toking up when they try ta stop us!

    vive la revo...summat or other...ah what the hell, wheres that bong gone...

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