The end of my move to vegas.

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  1. an account of yesturday
    well i finally got all my stuff on my walls put up like posters of sublime,kiss,and a variety of other bands. and got my room sitated how i like it. and everything is starting to be normal and i m still living with the parents (groan) and i walk down and a guy from the water company calls the house phone is like "i hear the leader of the house hold (who says that ? ) has a problem with the water bill. and im like yes my family doesnt want to pay $550 for water for one month.(apparently there was a leak) and after argueing with him for like 15 min. i ask him what was the price of the water bill the month before ? he tells me "thats classified we dont give out any info." so i sigh and ask him "was last months bill high?" he tells me it was around the same price. and i tell him "so you guys are profiting during a water drought and not tring to cut down on that water usage. I tell him we arent paying 500 bucks for water you will get a check for 100 dollars (i still think thats too much cause our neighbor has one more person in their house and their paying 50 bucks) he then tells me that i cant do that. i tell him "i understand its your job to say this and all the rest of it and its regulation" i tell him that even if i have to talk to the president of the company or the govenor i will only pay 100 . and i say "i think we are done here" hes then says "can i help you with anything else?" i then raise my voice a little bit and say "dude you havent helped me at all and arent you going to say the parting comment every customer service worker says here ? " hes sounds puzzled when he says "what would that be?" i then reply " Welcome To VEGAS! " and then i hung up

    btw any missing parts in the story are answered here

    why wasnt my father or mother talking to him ?
    because one they werent home and two they arent good at arguing at all...

    and i actually did say Welcome to Vegas if there are any miss believers...

    kinda long and dry but i think the last sentence makes up for it...
    anyone think this is kinda funny how i almost stuck it to the man ?
  2. ha ha thats classic, I love it when other people don't put up with bs charges companies try to get away with all the time...and welcome to vegas...niiiccceeee. +rep!
  3. Sorry about the water situation.

    But I love Vegas. My favorite vacay spot. I do have 3 friends in Henderson. I got them blazed as hell last Feb. They didn't think I could get better dank than they could. They were wrong. I took a gr. of Jack Herer, a gr. of black domina and a gr. of the hog. 3 g's is all I could sneak on the plane.
  4. Props for standing up for yourself. I hate getting bullied by the man. I'll def give u a rep for that mang.
  5. thanks guys and my aunt taught me "do these three rules to live a happy life:
    1)Never take anything sitting down
    2)Standing up for your self and complaining alot are the only way to get things with buisnesses. "

    my uncle told me this "
    1)Never snitch on your friends
    2)Keep your mouth shut " ok thats from the movie Good Fellas but i love that line and its so true...
  6. they dont care, if u dont pay they;ll just shut off your water.
  7. dude you dont understand ill just go to the media,lawers or w/e but im definetly not paing 500 bucks a month for water i didnt use. now if i was growing and using that much then i wouldnt mind but when im not even using it then thats messed up...
    and trust me if they turn it off ill just call the BBB (Better Bussneiss bureow ) i cant spell lol
  8. welcome to vegas man i live in henderson myself. Maybe we smoke some bowls some time.
  9. ehhh im not big on meeting people. but i would definetly have to know you more. like chat up and maybe see you on the city and see some of your posts... and maybe chat me up on AIM. cause you might be a cop,vigilantee(yes they are out there) and a weird nut...
  10. Man, Vegas is the shit. I got some family out there and ive been there a couple times, but I sure do wish I lived there. BTW whats the weed situation like in vegas?

  11. Exactly. same rules apply out here in beijing
  12. well i get 1/7 of an ounce of Chronic for 30 bucks. sounds good to me . and its pretty dank. its good weed. but i can get just as good if not better in California. but the smoke shops sells only cigs and the ones that have pipes are all factory glass shit with no design. like literally blank. so i might have to start doing blunts!
  13. By the way i won the fight and we paid 50 bucks. and this month it was fifty bucks around there also.

    so the little guy won and the major corporation lost.

    1 point :Average Man
    rest of the points : Corporations...
  14. Haha. Nice, man.

    Is it nice living in Vegas? And how much is rent? It's one of my possible future destinations so I'm curious. :)
  15. ok well to answer your question s in order
    1. I can get mids for 5 bucks a gram and dank for 15
    2. We live in a 5 bed/4 bath house and its in betweeen 2 gand and 3 grand (i presume you wont need that big of a house) and i live with my parents still tho... :(
    3. I wouldnt move here unless your from the booneys or no where. cause there are better towns to move to like Los Angeles (my home town is LA) humbult county (one of the best weed citys in CA) or SF if you dont mind super liberals. or any major California town is nice long as its not Sacromento (doesnt seem that fun of a town) so i wouldnt say its good unless your from the middle of nowhere...

  16. 1. :hello:
    2. Daaaaaayumn. Anything around here costing 2-3 grand would be the nicest fucking house on the block.
    3. I am from the middle of nowhere. Northeast Iowa doesn't have shit except a town called Waterloo, which also doesn't have much. California is the ideal place, and probably where I'll end up anyway. But thanks for answering. +rep

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