the end of freedom for america? the world?

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    how long until its mandatory to get one of these things implanted inside of you? DONT FALL FOR IT, they can already track anywhere you go in the world because of the chip inside of your passport, dont make it worse.

    more laws means less freedoms, laws are meant to protect the people, but it is not the laws purpose to protect us from ourselves. if one chooses to do drugs, drink, smoke, have sex, whatever it is, that is totally your right AS LONG AS IT DOESNT HARM OTHER PEOPLE'S QUALITY OF LIFE. our governments have gotten so out of control trying to protect us that they have made us nations of robots, treading carefully so as not to offend one another with our choices whether or not those choices harm others.

    if i get home after a long day and choose to blaze, why try to stop me? its a form of stress release, im doing it so that one day i wont snap from all the pressures of life and do something harmful to myself or others.

    push back against forms of control, take back whats yours, your freedoms are slowly dwindling down to nothing. think about the wild west or pioneers or whatever. if you chose to get in a gunfight with somebody, it was totally legal as long as it was a fair fight. yes people killed each other, but the murder rate hasn't really changed, if anything its worse. today, if someone murders someone else, they might go to trial and get off on total bullshit, but back in the day, i bet people thought twice before starting shit with somebody. their society was just as, if not more, efficient than ours is.

    im not saying anarchy, more like bring the laws down to the basics- go back to how the constitution was intended, get rid of all laws except for those allowing freedoms to the people (women voting, bill of rights, etc). no federal tax, no federal regulations, just individual states governments forming a republic that is The United States of America. we can take care of ourselves, and make informed decisions as long as that information isnt censored (like it is now with the banning of books and research studies that the government doesnt like. the anarchists cookbook for example, the founding fathers would be proud to know that someone is making sure they can fight back if the government pulls anything, thats where the right to bear arms comes into play, but for some reason theyre afraid of the people who choose to practice it).

    i know that right now, that chip is voluntary, but you can survive without it. and keep an eye out for any government plans to regulate the use of it so we can hopefully stop it
  2. The chip, if inforced, will be mandatory. You will not be able to, buy anything, use paid transportation, and later down the road, possibly killed, for not getting the chip implanted.

    Once the chip is implanted, they can, control, destroy, and manipulate masses to do, be, or perform, anything to there liking, on any person that has the chip inside of them.

    Sad thing is, a really good percentage, probabley half or more, united states citizens, citizens of any country, will get this chip implanted blindly, just so they can function properly, without conflict, in this new reformed world.
  3. I don't want to get in the chip debate, because mandatory chip implants are probably 30-50 years off.

    But I myself fear that some event like 9/11 will happen, and the government will exploit it (again) to scare everyone into getting chips (For their own security of course)

    Can anyone say Gattica?
  4. I really doubt this will happen......
  5. Its not really if, its when.

    Chips are already being implanted for health reasons in patients, its just a matter of time before they are mandatory (Which is an interesting debate, do you think new-borns or prisoners will be the first for mandatory chips?)
  6. I'm going to say prisoners on that one. People will freak if the chips mess up on their children. I imagine it would be like a GPS ankle bracelet only harder to remove.
  7. yeah they implanted alot of prisoners with the RFID chip across america already. one family in florida claimed to be 'pioneers' of a new secure age after all being implanted with it. in fact the RFID chip is already starting to kick the serial bar out. and may is supposed to be when everyone is required to cary the realID. after 2-4 years we will have chips in our arms. whoever refuses will be erased from society, and wont be able to do anything a 'normal' person does, including own property (legally), hold a job, or participate in society, period. some democracy eh? anyone being reminded of a fascist police state? welcome to the 4rth Reich.

    EDIT: sorry if i repeated anything that was written in the article, i didnt read it.
  8. Whats truly disgusting is that soon you will see commercials with happy families telling you about how safe and happy they are with their chips.

    It won't be long I tells ya ;)
  9. Aye, and i'm betting you the cause of all of that will be another 911 scare

    I'm really not a conspiracy nut, I hate most conspiracy nuts. I'm just pretty much applying whats happened in the past to whats going to happen in the future :D
  10. I'm contemplating either departing this country, and going to spain, or somewhere overseas. Assuming it doesn't spread to other countries, which I'm sure it will.

    Please everyone, if you plan on doing this, get your passports before they initiate the realID act.

    Also, possibly try and lead/follow a revolt, hoping for a revolution. A rebellion against the government, but that would take masses of masses of people.

    So I might just be wishful thinking. :(
  11. this is why its important to vote, i never really cared all that much because i figured that it wouldnt make a difference anyways, whatever the government want will happen. but think of it like the movie V for Vendetta, individually you honestly can't do much, BUT if you help spread an idea, it grows from an individual to an organization, from an organization to a majority, and eventually the cry of the people is too loud to ignore.


    dont be apathetic, thats why this generation is such a joke (dont worry im part of it too), we recognize problems and say "oh well, cant change it anyways so just go with it". NO! even if you "dont have the time", talk with your friends about it, convince them of your side of it, every little bit helps!
  12. Yep, indeedy!
    You must wear the (chip)star of David on all your clothing.
    Now we have these wonderful "gated communities" (ghettos) for you to reside in. You may only shop at this list of fine store/shops within the gated community.
    Everyone, pack only one suitcase, as you will be able to get your other belongings later on at the new settlement.
    Step right this way, unto the cattle car, I mean this lovely new rail system we've designed for you.
    Welcome to your new settlement!
    We need everyone to go through a delousing shower, so that the new settlement won't be contaminated by any stray microbes.
    Women this way, men that way. . . children, please stay with your mothers, thank-you very much.. . .
    We hope you'll enjoy this Brave New World!
    Sound familiar to anyone?
    Ah yes, history repeats itself, yet again and again and again.
    We've learned much since then. . .
    like how to do it ever so much more subtley, and with so little protest, too.
    Once inside the gas chamber, no one will hear your protest.
    Think it may be time to speak up?
  13. Whats the purpose in voting when the popular vote is... a popularity contest?

    Not only that but it has been well proven in the past that if you scare the public enough they will vote for anything you want to do (Patriot act people!)

    The problem is the educated vs uneducated in America is just too big of a gap.

    I'd like to go elsewhere, but there are just so many opportunities in America. I am scared at the falling price of the dollar, the federal reserve, the patriot act. But honestly, I'm not sure if theres a country where I can have a better quality of life. We have it pretty fucking comfy here if you compare it to other countries. Not only that, but the RFID chips won't be a problem until a long ways down the road.
  14. i agree, if it came to that we should! the founding fathers foresaw that government could get out of line, and told the people to rise up in arms if they began to override the will of the people.

    the biggest thing people do that causes the most problems is that people take the government, tv's, the media,'s word as far too valuable. You can never know the truth if you dont find out for yourself, and if you have no way of seeing it with your own eyes, not through the lens of a camera, then you gather as much information as possible and come to your own conclusions. DONT FALL FOR BULLSHIT!!!
  15. i know what you mean about wanting to leave, but think of it this way- if it happens here, it will happen everywhere, you watch. Have pride in what your country is SUPPOSED to stand for. be a part of the solution, dont have such a defeatest attitude. Even if it's immpossible to win the battle, id die trying rather than know i let it happen because "i didnt think it was possible"

  16. I know I will never leave, but I can take solace in knowing that I will die before this world truly shows its corruption and impedes on my rights so much that it actually makes a difference in my life. (I can hope at least)
  17. im with you on that lol
  18. haha, even the 'founding fathers' were corrupt (at least misinformed) and wheather they knew it or not(which im sure they did)they were part of a well orchestrated plan that started in the time of the hebrew 'exodus' if not before. its the people who control the worlds money and material productions that are in real power. but of course the more people aware the better. when the govts fail and decieve the people its time for the people to take action and it has been goin on for way too long.

  19. Freedom ended with the patriot act.
  20. Ok try not to flame me too hard, i see i'm the only poster so far who doesn't think this chip is part of some conspiracy. I mean if this is for the gov to keep track of you and your doings, why sell it as an implant chip (something thats bound to get the theorists up in arms). I mean they could just inject these in newborns, plant them in vaccinations.

    And there are some good things about these chips, locating abducted children, people lost at sea

    i don't know, the gov could already track my every move just using cell phone records, credit card records, and tracking my online habbits.

    Try to change my mind, maybe i'm just not seeing something here

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