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  1. This reminds me of something that I have a big issue regarding pot head stereotypes. They say using cannabis makes you 'dumb' but in reality, I think it stimulates thought, while degrading your ability to verbalize your thoughts. It might even be a combination of adverse affects on motor skills (literally tongue twisted) and the inability to put into words new thoughts, or even entire new thought processes that you don't normally experience while sober. Being smart, and sounding smart are two completely different things, although I know most people can't distinguish the two.

  2. Unfortunately men are superior to women in some ways.......especially physically. Look at the past wars which were always fought by men because to have a woman there would be pointless she would just get killed very quickly. Mentally I think men and women are equal: a man can be more intelligent than a woman and a woman can be more intelligent than a man. I know several women who are much smarter than I am. Our society just is sexist, its not really anyones choice or decision its just the way we are biologically.

    Sarah Palin's religious views scare me more than any other. She is very religious and seems like someone who would use political power to perpetuate her religious end of days apocalypse stuff. I also just generally don't like the idea of legislating morality which seems to come mostly from religion in politics. As far as her scary vibe I was somewhat joking and being serious at the same time. She gives off a scary vibe to me when I hear her speak because of what I stated above and because of the fact that I feel like I could do a better job most of the time.
  3. i bet my mom can out run your father, maybe bench more, and definitely out repetition your father. Does that mean women are automatically stronger? Men and Women have just been brought up to embrace different social norms, to conform a certain way. There are men who are 6 feet tall and 120 pounds where there are woman who are 5 feet tall 100 lbs and built with muscle. Women and Male testosterone levels differ, where as one woman can have more than another and one man can have more than another.

  4. Women are weaker than men. It's a fact, back in the time of the first people, women were dependant on men. It is slowly evening out, but in most cases men are bigger and stronger than women. Why do you think it's so much worse for a man to hit his wife than the other way around?

  5. the woman was never the provider because she harvest the pootang, sorry if you've never experienced it but i think men doing stupid thing for the pootang outweighs the statistic men are stronger than women typically so a woman has no chance as becoming strong ever. sounds like your trying to oppress them verbally.
  6. ^ This post makes no sense.

  7. It makes no sense that a mother carries a child, then becomes a home maker, so she isn't out being a hunter / gather (provider) but more of a nurturer. The female rule has just began to shift, look at female body builders. They don't have the same advantage as a male? They are beneath a male? Maybe you are cocky, or you don't watch triathlons, women kick ass.
  8. You didn't type that word, did you? :confused:
  9. It's a fact that men are physically superior to women. That's why sports are separate... there is no Olympic category in which a woman is superior to a man. The same applies in your example of body building. Male body builders are WAY bigger than female body builders.

    But alas, the physical doesn't really matter anyway. Men and women are equal intellectually and spiritually, which is where it counts.
  10. Not to be a dick but it would be chill to only discuss the documentary and its implications rather than argue over sexism in US society.

  11. it is not a fact, just because woman have been dependent on males because they carry the baby. They go through 9 months of pregnancy, while the male is out providing for his new family. Just because you have a majority of men in the gym, because the females role has never been mass muscle, definition, and having a six pack. The roles and positions which a male and female have to take part in order to raise a family has been changing drastically, we now have stay at home fathers.

  12. THIS.

    Your country is going towards fascism! Talk about it!
  13. Just finished watching. It was great. I definitely reccomend that everyone who cares about this country watch it.
  14. Gay marriage, abortion, sexism, partisan politics, are all distractions while the main agenda steamrolls ahead. Lets not get distracted.

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