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  1. Interesting film I found on youtube:
    [ame=]YouTube - END OF AMERICA DOCUMENTARY PT1/8[/ame]

    Anyway, feel free to discuss...
  2. Any thoughts? I highly recommend people go through and watch all the parts, it is very grounded and not "Tinfoil hat" -ish.
  3. 4 a.m. and I'm done half of it. Great so far!
  4. America is still stupid enough to believe that the American government cares for us, they think the President because he is black and they voted for him over a white man, is more Just. Even though half the voters are partially sexist because they can't accept a woman as vice president and alters their Presidential selection.

    This is still conspiracy sadly for some people, they choose to live with a permanent blind fold on.

  5. Explain please?

  6. I can't count how many times i've heard "Yeah, i voted for Obama, did you expect me to vote for that MILF Sarah Palin though?"

    I find it extremely sexist, my mother happens to be called a milf by others, it's rude and degrading, but she also makes a higher salary than most males along with a higher education, raising 4 children, and being kicked out at the age of 18 from a poor family. Save the judgmental attitudes for those who are currently in control already.

  7. I can totally respect your opinion on sexism in America. I don't personally experience or observe much sexism in my own life but its a big world and I could easily see someone else experiencing the opposite. I would not have voted for Sarah Palin, not because she is a woman but because of her political, moral, and religious views. Most people I know who didn't support her were thinking along the same lines as me, examining her as a politician and a leader not a woman. On the other side most people I know who did support her didn't do so just because she was a woman they also liked her politics, and I can respect that.

    I wasn't attacking you or saying you were wrong I just legitimately wanted to know why you felt that way.

  8. If you can't vote for John Mccain because he is an "old geezer" and they chose a "milf" to represent the VP, it sure as hell looks like your motives are biased. I don't know why an attractive woman couldn't hold the position of VP, what exactly do people have against her, i've never heard a valid argument besides she's "stupid". I mean, do we only hire Ivy League college attendants who know how to royally fuck us over most efficiently.
  9. Very nice. I respect Naomi Wolf immensely, she's great. Good documentary.

  10. dude, you cant in your right mind expect me to vote for that milf sarah palin BECAUSE she's mentally retarded. Not because she's a milf.

  11. i bet you said the same thing about Bush... what about Obama, is he any different or is it how they present the bullshit to you?
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    She is a MILF, I would slam the shit out of that, but that isn't why most people didn't vote for her. She's just plain stupid. But MILF describes her.

    EDIT: Don't have the time right now to watch the video, but I bookmarked it and I'll definately watch that shit later tonight.
  13. Why would you ever think to use Palin's defeat as evidence of sexism? She couldn't hide her retardation as well as other politicians could, so she lost. Had nothing to do with her vag.

    If you tried to say Hillary didn't win because of sexism you might have a point. But it was more racism, because blacks voted for Obama just because he's black (Or 96% of blacks), not beacuse Hillary was a woman.

    People would rather be seen "overcoming" racism than sexism...
  14. I agree, sexism is just as prominent today as racism is. People who deny it just do it to appease their sense of belonging to a 'civilized' society. Obama was chosen over Hillary because he was a man, and she a woman, McCain was stuck with Palin to ruin his chances, because the ruling elite are damn smart, and they knew that sticking Palin to McCain's ticket would ensure Obama's win. Palin wasn't that smart because she wasn't supposed to be, they didn't prepare her, she didn't prepare herself, she was supposed to come out looking as a dumb MILF. The plan was to put Obama at the head of the ship, and if you don't believe this after he was reported to be attending secret meetings with Hillary on one the same days that the Bilderberg Group met in Virginia, well, then... :confused_2:

  15. The democrats were going to win the 2008 election no matter what. I mean it really didn't matter who was nominated for either party the republicans were just crippled by the Bush administration. I half think that John McCain and Sarah Palin were chosen so they could lose. People not voting for Palin does not make them sexists, she is really fucking hard to take seriously and it has nothing to do with her being a woman. She says stupid things, she believes stupid things, and she just generally gives off a scary vibe to me.

  16. i actually wasnt able to vote in the bush elections...

    but anyways, bush was stupid, but he wasn't nearly as retarded as palin.

    And yes, Obama is way different. He's smart. He's never made up a word and used it in a speech. He doesn't wink obnoxiously. He's not stubborn as fuck and he uses logic. He's only one guy though. he can't be the president AND every cabinet member so of course youre gonna have a high level of washington bs
  17. People might finally wake up when they see a russian tank rollin down Flapbush ave.
  18. How is Obama different than Bush in terms of policy?

  19. So his semantics are more refined and he doesn't wink... is that it? I don't see much logic in his actions.

    I finished the movie and I'm disappointed that this thread succumbed to more barely-issue bullshit about separatism.
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    What does she believe that is so scary, how does she believe stupid things, and how do you give off a scary vibe?

    Men feel they are superior to women some what, especially physical wise. I'm sure you've all stereotyped women recently, isn't that what most "racist" remarks are labeled, racism instead of stereotyping.

    Sexism is ingrained in American society, the woman is helpless, the man is there to protect her and provide shelter. Pretty much every western movie was about that, especially growing up as a kid and cartoons. Then when you're older you just find a cute woman who is basically an accessory, i think both genders do it but don't say there is no sexism when America is boiling with it. That also doesn't mean the opposite can apply, some women move up faster in rank because they have 'control' over men, men think wow she's hot and she's smart, i'd rather look at that ass all day than some 40 year old man.

    Bush was stupid? What is your qualification of stupid, Harverd graduate? Where did you graduate and what GPA did you receive?

    He's smart enough to continue following bushes policies, he doesn't even write his own speech's, what is winking obnoxiously? what if a bug is in your eye, can you wink obnoxiously and still be considered "smart" then? He's one guy who doesn't do anything different than Bush, except spend more money and continue the same policies.

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