The Emporer Wears no clothes, link to all chapters

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  1. This is very good book, read through any one chapter and you will find out something interesting that happened throughout history concerning cannabis.

    Jack Herer - Chapters
    I found this a couple days ago, and I've been reading it almost non stop:hello:, amazing text and im definatly going to purchase a copy of this book(too bad it isnt printed on hemp paper;)), which I probably will have to order online since I cant seem to find it in stores in my area.

    Also, Im sure plently of you blades have heard about/read this book, but I thought I would share the link to benefit the people who have not.

    What interests me the most, is the role cannabis played in religion, and the racist commenst put out by politicials during the time they had secret meetings to try and develop the bill for the ban on all hemp/marijuana, which they used interchanably to throw people off from the medicine and materials society had been using for decades.
    Alot of which was used with an advantage; segregation.

    Please take a look at this guys, possibly purchase a copy to have all the time, very very informational.
  2. Haha, good save :)
  3. no, you were right, i was spamming my own thread. Heres to a fresh start:smoking:
  4. Yea its a great book, read through it all also, and lol i posted this like a week ago but its good to spread the book, Jack Herer really outdid himself with this one, and its available all for free too, truely a dedicated man
  5. yeah what a madcunt. it shits me though how all this information is available but no one cares and it's still illegal.
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    My thoughts EXACTLY crimson, i have been sounding like a damn 'hippie ever since i started reading this book, its really unfuckingbelievable that this isnt big news.
    Even without marijauna, cannabis is still a miracle plant. It could fix a lot of pollution and economic problems if used to its full extent. I also enjoyed reading the billion dollar crop article from the 1940(1943?) issue of Popular mechanics, before they even realized that it was banned.
    I dont know why this book isnt sold in stores throughout the country, make it official.
  7. this book is quite the essential for all stoners!

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