The electric sky 300, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Greern, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Anyone have real life experience with the electric sky 300? I need honest and detailed reviews, as I don’t want to waste my time buying shit, so please help!
  2. Im sure Mr Canuck grows with electric sky, check him out on youtube. He swears by his lighting.

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  3. I tend to not trust YouTube reviews, as many of the reviewers are sponsored by the company that makes the product. This is why I need real life experience.
  4. I just finished my first operation with it, but haven't done enough testing to compare with others.
    The only thing I can say at this point is that its yield was better than expected, about 13 oz dry in a 3 x 3 ft dwc tent, while following VPD chart.
    Not sure this was mostly because of sativa dominant auto strains or light.
    I'm still learning about usable distance and brightness settings, while also trying to master a relatively unfamiliar nute.

    My tentative opinion is that this is an excellent light, much prettier than most, but a bit over priced.
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    Thanks for your advice! What kind of quality was the bud? Dense or airy (for a sativa), how much did the plants stretch? Can you see if there is any blue light present? Since I see a lot of fuss over their red spectrum, but 0 on anything else. If you can’t tell, how was the growth during veg? And do you have photos of the buds? Sorry for being a pest haha.
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  6. When I purchase the light (if), I’ll post results on here as well. However that’s a while away. Anyone have experience with perfect sun black diamond or the black dog phytomax?
  7. It's difficult to judge things when using a new light (the ES300), and an unfamiliar 1-part nute (Greenleaf Megacrop 1.0), so these pictures probably have lots of grower error. They are all autos.

    Here's the overall setup, two GH top feed dwc Ecogrowers hooked up to a master external res with a yardstick next to it. From left to right the plants are Barney's CriticalKush, Mephisto DoubleGrape in a 2 x 4 ft tent, and Zambeza SuperSilverHaze, and Mephisto FantasmoExpress in a 3 x 3 ft. The left tent has three HLG65 QBs plus a COBShop COB for about 260 actual watts, and the right tent has the ES300. These pictures were taken 2 r 3 weeks before chop. The plants in the left tent got about 4 ft tall after LST, and the right tent plants got about 4.5 and 5.5 ft tall after topping and LST.

    Speaking only about the ES300, I did have trouble with seedling stretch, but consider it to be my fault. The flowering stretch was reasonable, and internodal distances fine. The vegetation was dense, and no pruning or lollipopping was done. The SuperSilverHaze plant had nice dense buds, but the Fantasmo had wispy, unattractive buds. SSH was pretty potent, but the ugly Fantasmo was super potent.


    I didn't take any individual bud pictures, but here's another picture of the tent with ES300:
  8. Oops 2nd picture didn't show up:
  9. another try:
  10. I give up
  11. Thanks for the efforts! I really like the info you gave. It sounds like there is merit to the es 300. What were the buds like from the other tent? I’m seein something interesting here, the left tent, while being smaller in sq ft, performed supposedly ‘worse’ (not saying that it’s a bad result) than the right. The left tent also had a total of four lights, while the right had one. Also I think the es isn’t suited to a square tent. Since it’s rectangular, you may want to try putting the es 300 in the left tent. Anyhow, thanks for the advice! Also I like your idea of having the res for two tents placed between them, musnmake nutes easy af to use
  12. The left tent had 3 HLG65 QBs plus a COBshop COB, for a total of about 250 watts, compared to the right tent ES300's 300 watts (some of which are IR). The ES grown SuperSilverHaze had nice buds, but the ES grown FantasmoExpress buds were ugly and potent. The QB/COB tent had about half the harvested weight. The CriticalKush buds were below average, but potent, and the DoubleGrape buds were small, but very potent.

    But again, unease with new nutes and a new light probably led to some grower error.
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