The Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia??

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  1. Anyone heard if this is legit? If so, i think i just jizzed my pants a little.

  2. I dont think even if it was going to be that, that bethesda would have confirmed it this early... they are known to shroud game releases in rumors and dead end "leaks"
    Would be interesting to play in The Black Marsh though
  3. nahh thats not real, purely based on how long there was between oblivion and skyrim i cant imagine a new title this early. 
  4. I fucking wish it was real...but it's not. While I am fairly certain the next Elder Scrolls installment is in development as we speak, it is most likely still a couple years away at least.

    Expect the next Fallout installment first.
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    Yeah, been waiting on Fallout 4 for far too long. I just hope the next installment is in Black Marsh, since i've pretty much only played Argonians since Morrowind. Giant man-eating plant monsters and life-sucking poison swamps? Yes, please!

    Edit: Also, i'd really like for there to be a Hardcore mode option similar to Fallout: New Vegas. Would make it a bit more challenging.
  6. can't fucking wait for fallout


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