The Elder Scrolls Online **Beta Testing For PC Currently**

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  1. If you haven't heard by now The Elder Scrolls Online is coming out not to long from now but it still I believe is a few months away and I currently just got a email saying I was accepted as a beta tester for the game. I am now downloading the game using the download client provided along with a redeem code so it was basically looked and registered as a game that I bought from Bethesda and instead of saying like regular license or what ever it says Beta Tester! I am excited! Really excited to play this game! I have chose the options to report back to them using a The live survey taking software they have as I want my opinion as a beta tester to mean the most to them and if I find anything I don't like or love and want more of on the game then I will let them know ASAP! I did sign a disclosure agreement so giving out information about the game that will be out for consoles and PC this year is illegal and against the rules and I wouldn't anyways because I don't like spoilers but needless to say this will be a amazing journey and I decided to start a blog! I never have beta tested really I have programmed for games before so it qualified me I am sure to test for them considering I am familiar with online RPG games as I use to program for a decent size game known as Graal that was before it was put on Facebook.

  2. If you signed up, you got in. Curse is currently giving out 500,000 beta keys. Its pretty much just to stress test the servers.
  3. yea over the last few months theyve been sending out more and more keys, makes us OG testers feel less special :cry:. theyve gotten so many beta test requests they really never need to have an open beta. 
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