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    The opening to this video... the scene from revolver... blew my mind. My name is Jake, and it just seems like too big of a coincidence.

    I am incredibly frustrated. I do not understand the extent of my differences from the external world... obviously "we" all don't. I know it might sound crazy... but I feel as if I am in direct control of what reality is. Is my ego responsible for all of these "enemies of society" I come across?

    If I am reality... God... the responses I receive will be none other than my own subconscious. Yet, I experience people, which are very real, appearing separate from myself. But it is me... my senses.

    There is no way of knowing, I know... the act of posting this is peculiar in itself. I am in a very strange mindset at the moment. I have been here before... whenever I think I know how to change the world for the better - by eliminating these bankers, ceo's, corrupt politicians... but what is reality but my own perception of it?

    I hope you understand. ;)
  2. The ego is but merely a wall to keep you from learning about your true self.
  3. Thanks for the response. It seems it may be. Having a very hard time getting over mine.
  4. how strange. i was just contemplating the ego. what is that piece of shit other than one of many manifestations of my self?
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    Without the ego there is no perception.
  6. without perception there is no ego.

    so ha!
  7. Exactly, lol.
  8. the self is deeper man. it comes before so it can be manifested later either as ego or perception.
  9. Hahaha.

    Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. Im just gonna copy this from my post in the other "the ego" thread.

    You guys should read Sigmund Freud's "The Ego and the Id"
    The Ego and the Id

    The Id: What we are born with, these are our basic survival instincts.
    The Ego: The part of us that tries to satisfy the Id in a relistic way (Mediates the Id and Superego)
    The Superego: The part of us that wants to be perfect in the eyes of todays society.

    The Ego should be the strongest of the three, if either the Id, or Superego are stronger, the person is said to have neurotic behavior.
  11. blew my mind. My name is Jake, and it just seems like too big of a coincidence.

    Same hurr.
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    That's what I'm saying, kinda.

    I don't view it in layers though, just as a whole thing. Like, perception requires ego and ego requires perception, in that in order to perceive anything you need to have an opinion. An opinion, or observation, definition, what have you, requires the 'I am'.

    Ego-less perception requires knowing 'I am' while knowing 'I am not', and 'everything is' and 'everything is not'. Quite literally 'All is One'. a.k.a. Paradox.

    Self, perception, and ego are equally as deep, as they are one.

  13. i take it that's your opinion. but with all being one, it seems it would be canceled out by everything not your opinion.
  14. The worst part about this is trying to explain everything using words. We created the word "ego" to represent something we barely even understand. But, we feel like we KNOW it's there. Just by connotations alone, people can have vastly different personal definitions of "ego" but will always be subliminally different, much like with other words.

    However, to get onto topic. I feel like both the ego and superego are ways for us to accept what goes on around us. Superego may be more shaped by society than ego but regardless both ego and superego accept society and the ego figures out ways to satisfy Id while working within the bounds of society/morality. So basically, I more or less agree with everyone else.

    But to beat the ego. I don't think there's a way to really KILL the ego permanently without death itself. Suppressing ego is a completely different matter though. I remember this saying that said "The opposite of Love isn't Hate but in fact it is Indifference." I have found myself sometimes being able to ignore the existence of my ego during meditation/psychedelics. In a way, it's as if I know the my ego is there but I choose not to accept it.

    This video though, I never thought about ego as a con on our own mind. The worst part about it is that this concept makes perfect sense. We have NEVER truly experienced life without ego, so how would we know what life is without ego. But how do we kill ego? My entire life, ever since I learned a language (possibly before), I have never been able to live for a stretch without that "voice" in the back of my mind. The only moments that come close is my moments of true flow, in life. So perhaps, one can never expect to kill their ego until death, but one can try to step above ego by truly LIVING life.

    By the way, I am not at this moment stoned or on any other drugs, I've just been having a really weird week and been thinking about SO much shit. It feels nice to get it out, even if you guys don't really jive what I'm trying to say.:smoking:
  15. Everything's my opinion. Whether or not I'm even 'real' is determined by my ego, the 'I am' is definition, and everything is definition(perspective).


    I like that a lot. :D
  16. I have felt that way, i described it as "a one consciousness"

    We are all connected in a holographic universe anyway, the giant brain perhaps?
  17. why would the ego exist? and who says its bad to have one?
  18. man, you're either really smart or you smoke pineapple kush or something intelligent.

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