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The egg or the chicken

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. I've taken up a bad habit of writing down these weird stone thoughts of mine when i've been hitting the herb. I read them to myself later for fun or disbelief. Here's a couple for my friends.

    A note I left in the bathroom: "The cat is still on the roof, remember to get her down" Now why I ever let the cat get up on the roof to help me string Xmas lights I don't know.

    A note in my address book: "Which came first pussy or pussy." I remember this one. I was thinking did vaginas or kitty cats get the term 'pussy' first. Did people start calling cats a 'pussy' before they refered to vaginas as a 'pussy' or the other way around. AND why did the term get crossed over with the other. I mean, if you called a cat a 'pussy' what about cats made you think to call a vagina a 'pussy'.

    Sorry if my language has offended anyone.
  2. Pussy as a slang term for the female pudenda is thought to derive ultimately from Low German puse
    "vulva" or Old Norse puss "pocket, pouch". It didn't arise in English with a sexual meaning until the
    19th century, but prior to that it had been used to refer to women in general (16th century). It has
    since also come to mean "effeminate, feeble, or homosexual men or boys" (20th century).

    quoted from:

    but that does not tell us if the sexual term came before the term used for cats. i'll do more research and let you know....
  3. The earlier form was puss and, rather than meaning a
    cat, it was a pet name which was so frequently applied to cats that eventually it became synonymous
    with cat. Much the same happened with donkey. Asses were so often called by the name Duncan
    that a Duncan (then a dunkey, then a donkey) came to mean an ass.

    this came from the same website as above.

    sorry, i still can't figure out which came first...

    ho, hum...
  4. Thanks for the research and the info.
  5. Through careful scientific research I have come to the conclusion that similarities exist between the two terms.

    For example: If you reach down through the fur and stroke it in the right spot, both of the subject terms will purr and humm. Sometimes quite loudly.
  6. you ever seem to get an outta bodyness when ur on some good herb? man it seems lately this dankness ive been smoking 24/7 makes me see weird ass shit. i just wanna say one more thing. "O DANK HEAVEN"

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