The effects of music.

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  1. I've heard that music has effects on plants, but does anyone know if it effects Marijuana and what is the best type of music.:confused:
  2. I think thats mainly a myth. I doubt sound waves would "stimulate" anything in the plant to make it grow that much better....
  3. R u High? i know i smoked sum Dank but that seems ridicuolus.. haha
  4. actually they did this on mythbusters, and i think it was the plants with metal music were the ones that grew the fastest, not exactly sure though, but the results did seem pretty distinguishable
  5. Yep the plants taht were screamed at and played heavy metal music to grew better... maybe the vibration helped it LOL...

    I have elevator music playing in my grow room its not for the plants just for me to chill out too while i prune and train :)
  6. if that is true im sure its helping my plants that i have slipknot playing right now....and i have a speaker no more then 3 ft away from my plants....gotta love surround sound
  7. I must have missed that mythbusters. At first thought, it seems a ridiculous concept. I dont see how music would have any effect on a plants growth. But, if its true thats really interesting...
  8. I have heard this topic come up a lot. The actual truth is that singing to the plants make them grow better, not music from a stereo. You actually singing to them! HOWEVER, this is a misconception because it has nothing to do with sounds waves or whatever, it is the CO2 coming from your mouth when you are singing! and if you recall CO2 is essential for plants to grow, and increased levels will make it grow faster and better.

    Just another one of those myths that has been jumbled across generations!
    Hope this clears things up!
  9. man youd hafta be singing 24/7
  10. lol ya i saw that mythbusters,
  11. My great grandfather would harrass his plants and that seemed to work well. It's really up to you.
  12. i've heard everything comes down to vibrations which can be interpreted as music... it makes sense. so im sure there would be some type of sounds that would stimulate its growth... maybe not even music.
  13. I just talk to my girls in the quiet of night up on my roof.
    I think lots of us do the same.
    I know Prince Charles talks to his plants. Don´t know if he is a stoner, but his kid Prince Harry sure is.

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