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the effect of weed on lungs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laxchief50, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Does weed affect my stamina, endurance, or speed? And could it make me start coughing and shit like that? I only smoke about twice a week.
  2. I wonder this also, it doesnt effect my speed or stamina but it does make me weezy sometimes.
  3. yes it will.
  4. it might have a small effect, but honestly if you avoid papers and utilize water filtration when available you should not really notice too much. It's the papers that will do you in. My cardio has always been fine. But if I took part in any blunt smoking during the week, I can usually feel the slight difference.

    With that said everybody reacts differently to weed/drugs so if you feel like its taking from your cardio, then it probably is. I don't feel like it does for me and I'm pretty good about knowing my body and reading the signals.

    Also I heard that THC can reduce the amount of lactic acid produced/maintained after a strenuous workout. I'm too lazy to do research right now but I feel like it's true
  5. if your usuing it like 2/3 times a week and u have water filtration ur fine. doesnt bother me and i do a highly intensive cardio sport
  6. I honestly doubt it man. I smoke just about every day and I still go for long walks and jogs frequently and remain physical. But every person is different so I don't know man.
  7. You should be more worried about what you EAT after you smoke. I've seen a high person swallow a small rock for $5.
  8. If you only smoke once or twice a week it shouldn't affect you too much. If you feel it's too hard on your lungs get a vape or if you smoke J's use a cigarette filter. Keep a relatively healthy diet and relax:D
  9. I smoke and play competetive AAA hockey, and i have smoked for the last few years. From miget rep to midget AAA, now junior. It will hit you if yu use papers, but if you start vaping now you will not have a SINGLE effect on your lungs. My stamina, endurance, and breaths are fine. Sometimes when i get off the ice out of breath i always think "Damn i wonder oif its weed making me out of breath" then i realize i had a up amd down the ice twelve time, 5 body checks, a 2 on 1 and pinning on 1 and a half minute shift. Then i realize holy fuck ive been on for a long ass time 1 and a half mins is a LONG shif in hockey, they should be 30-50 seconds at the most all out. One of the top D's and i have no problem, just remember to keep your cardio up because it WILL go down when you smoke and get couh lock. So go for a 3km run before you smoke or something, thats what ive been doing lately and i can do 3km in just over 7 minutes nonstop jogging.

  10. Yes, absolutely, but in a positive way. ;)

    Weed is both a natural bronchodilator and expectorant, so it will make you cough up nasty phlegm when necessary as well as helping you to breath better, as long as you are a regular user that is.

    You should stay away from tobacco and stick to good ole Mary or even hash. :D

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