The east coast west coast war.

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east west or both

  1. East

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  2. west

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  3. both

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  4. can't choose

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  1. Ok if the east coast west coast war was still going on wich side would you take.
  2. both.....
    you can't judge talent by where somewhere lives....
    only by thier flows..
  3. East coast,
    just because im from here(can relate)
  4. Florida up in this bitch!

  5. dont long as we remember...
    "One two three four five six seven eight nine

    ..yeah I thought all this east coast west coast thing died a long time ago..
    if its good enough....then its all good.
    what about tha midwest hiphop scene. damn. dont be dissin.
  6. Umm South Central is west coast, but yea New York, Cali, its all good.
  7. neither its media hype from tupac and biggie nothing else
  8. east sideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  9. I agree with gravy on this. You got to love good music.
  10. east cuz i wanna visit nyc. but the only rappers i like, even though theres few, are from west, and midwest.
  11. Oh fuck that was soooooo stupid, same thing with all the fucking gangs and blaa blaa blaas, yeah I don't know a lot about the life in there but to me it sounds so fucking stupid (based on Monster by Kody Scott) "you live on that street, you my enemy, die"
  12. i think that when that shit was going on west was far superior. theres flows are so much better than east as well as talent
  13. Eastside!!!

    Just because of Biggie.

    He's my fave rapper.
  14. i like both sides equally, but if u askd me if i liked Biggie or Tuppac i would choose Biggie with out even thinking twice, i like him alot more, but that doesnt make me a eastside only person

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