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The Easiest Way to Pass a Drug Test: The Drink at GMC Works.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by primetime21335, Feb 15, 2010.

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    I have been smoking for a very long time now. Breaks of 3+ months have been rare in the past 6-7 years or so. Lately, I quit a bullshit job and was interviewed for a great job opportunity in Sales. I needed to past a Urine test to actually get the job though.

    I was very nervous, and after only taking about 2 weeks or so off of smoking (after smoking about 5-10 times a month for months proceeding this test) and being a soft 200lbs at 6-0 I knew that a lot of exercise and water would not do the trick I turned to the "detox drinks" at GMC or Vitamin World.

    I had learned about them extensively due to having a similar situation about a year ago where I thought I might get drug tested. I didn't end up taking the job and therefore never took the test, but I purchased the drinks anyway and asked a ton of questions about the drink to the person selling it to me.

    I asked a variety of employees from a variety of stores about these products, but the most telling answers were from the female I ultimately purchased from. They were
    1. She was not allowed to know exactly what the product did or what it was for.
    2. She sold a shit ton of the product.

    This indicated to me that 1. It was not to be a big thing in the media and 2. It was highly effective, or she wouldn't sell a shit-ton of it.

    So, when I came to use it this year I was very hopeful.

    You buy it from a glass case in the GNC or Vitamin World. It costs 50 dollars or more. DO NOT TELL THE PEOPLE WORKING AT THE STORE YOU WANT IT FOR A DRUG TEST, THEY WILL THEN REFUSE TO SELL IT TO YOU!!! I learned this the hard way.

    1. Go into a GNC/Vitamin World
    2. Never mention a Drug Test.
    3. Request to see the Drinks locked in the Glass Case
    4. Ask which one sells the best for them
    5.The Brand Name is not important. The stores carry different brand names. The product itself is what is important. The different brand names all contain the same product. To find which one works best, ask which one sells best, that was the technique I used.
    6. Make sure it's an extra strength one for fat people
    7. Purchase
    8. Chug the whole thing 2 hours before piss test, and drink plenty of water
    9. Pass drug test.

    You drink the entire beverage 2 hours or so before your test without eating before drinking or after drinking it. You drink a decent amount of water after drinking it. It wears off in about 4-5 hours. It completely masks your marijuana usage (but not other things like cocaine, to my knowledge).

    It fucking works. I drank the shit, took the test, and passed the test. It was the biggest test I have ever taken in my life, and had this drink not came though, I would have not got my job and moved to North Carolina to start my life over from scratch. It came through.

    Bottom line, the shit works. The shit got me my job. 50 dollars? Shit, this stuff is worth 500 dollars.

    Will it work for everyone? I don't know. But I do know the one I took was especially for fat people and had a %100 money back guarantee.

    This topic should be stickied. Everyone in GC should know about this stuff. If it's not stickied, I will assume that someone has contacted GC and told them they are not allowed to post about this drink/substance.

    Bottom line, this shit works. It worked for me. I essentially put my life on the line with this 50 dollar beverage sold at GNC, and it fucking saved my life. I feel like everyone here NEEDs to know about it.
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  2. I've always used the water and niacin trick. I heard the main ingredient in most of the drinks was gelatin. So it's kinda like the surgel trick.
  3. Good post, good post. Happy for you.
  4. hey wat's the product called? Could you link it for me i need a detox kit.
  5. Detox Drink at GMC...

    Gosh must be thousands, which one?


  6. Niacin is fucking brutul on me.
  7. it didnt "mask" the thc, you diluted the urine with the water you drank. There is no special fix to drug tests, except dilution.
  8. I'm guessing the flushing is too comfortable for you? I personally use the non-flush niacin
  9. Bump.

    I think this could help a lot of people. A LOT. I mean, do you people realize, there is a drink made that you buy at a store that allows you to pass urine tests? It's that fucking easy?

  10. Sweet dude but its not going to help anyone if they dont know what its called...
  11. SUREGEL SREGEL SUREGEL i smoked the night before and still passed my piss test!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah ive passed probation drug tests with detox drinks, they really do work lol.
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    I spelled it out for you. Does that help?

    The Brand Name is not important. THe stores carry different brand names. The product itself is what is important. The different brand names all contain the same product. To find which one works best, ask which one sells best, that was the technique I used.
  14. facepalm
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    1) How would employees not knowing about it help keep it undercover with the media? It just sounds like she didn't know anything about something they sold.

    2) Because only things that work sell? Funny how "legal buds" sell on the internet by the shitload, but a good majority of them don't even have psychoactive effects. (Or any of the other million things in life that fit this example)

    I don't agree. If anything it should be a little side note on a stickied drug testing megathread. Who know, maybe this well help somebody. If anything I think you just diluted to the point where you passed. What was the brand name of the product you bought?

    EDIT: lol was this it? //www.dcrdetox.com/product_solution-4x-p13594.html

    If so, you diluted your piss. congrats.
  16. This ^

    Detox drinks are a scam. You pay $50 for some drink that is just creatine fortified water with some B vitamins for color. It's the dilution that's passing the UA's, not some magical drink that "removes toxins" from your body.
  17. I'm completey puzzled at the reaction to this thread.

    People acting like I am trying to market something or something??

    I don't know. Maybe I should have posted this in the general forum.

    Put simply, GC, your loss. I paid 50 dollars for a free drug test without worry. If you aren't willing to do so or have a better method? Great. Post it.

    Otherwise... not understanding the backlash here at all.

    When I was posting here regularly, I would have bookmarked this thread. Then again, I am an intelligent individual intent on learning.

    Until another time, GC, goodluck with drugtesting fellow Functional Stoners.

  18. I diluted my piss with a single beverage purchased for 50 dollars. Clearly, you can do better... but... you are not sharing your incredible widsom. Oh please, wise one, tell us how to do so??? Thank you for the congradulations. I have my job and I love it. I hope one day your incredible knowledge and cynicism leads you to a similar satisfaction in life.
  19. finally, some sane people, i thought i was the only one on this board that knew anything.
  20. I wasn't saying that the drink didn't help, but I think it was the 2 weeks that helped you the most. What part of that drink do you think did any more than diluted your urine, or helped with color/creatinine levels? (assuming the link I gave was it/a similar product)

    I also said that I thought this may be able to help somebody, I just think you put a little more faith into the product than was warranted.

    My wisdom on drug testing is nothing more than taking a break, diluting, working out, and taking a creatine supplement. I would rather trust in this tried & true method instead of a detox product, but there isn't a reason that the two couldn't be combined.

    The product could be made for a fraction of the cost also.

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