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The Easiest Home-Made Ozone Generator: Costs about $30 (Video Demonstration Included)

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by MidgetMan, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. This is a tutorial on how to make a Ozone generator.

    Items Required:

    -Shoe box
    -Paper Towel (Bounty)
    -Electrical Tape
    -Razer blade
    -Hot Glue gun
    -Soldering Iron
    -Two thick gauge wires
    -Neon Sign from walmart (Beer sign) $30
    -Xbox Fan <Powerful (or similar)
    -12V DC Adapter (Works Excellent. I didn't know my Xbox fan was so powerful)

    Take the shoe box and cut two sides out for the "air filter." Cut a third hole out on the top for a fan. Hot glue the fan into place. Take your paper towel and cut it out to the right size to fit into your box. Secure it in place with staples and electrical tape. Take your neon sign case apart. De solder the two copper wires connected to the thin wires. Solder on your thick gauge wires. Put it back together (Make sure you pull through your wires too). Hot glue gun the neon sign casing into the box. Put the lid on. Plug it in and you are set.

    Here is the video:

    Note: I used this to sterilize my room because my basement leaked and mold grew.

    If I were to use this in my grow box, then I would just have it between the carbon filter and the grow room.

    Sorry for the poor narration. - The audio that was supposed to come with the video was much better but didn't record.
  2. wish the video wasnt so dark
  3. Sorry about that. Turn up the brightness on your monitor and turn off your room lights.

    I recorded the audio after I made the video so that's why it's a little bit hard to follow.
  4. Sure that's a fantastic DIY project....IF YOU WANT TO BURN YOUR F**KING HOUSE DOWN!
  5. will it rid my car of that funk smell
  6. The wires I used are very thick and they are secured in place ;They do not move at all. The ozone generator is not meant to be ran for over a couple hours or once a hour for fifteen minutes.

    I want a realistic theory on how a possible fire can start from this.

    For those of you extremely worried about this starting a fire, use a thin sheet of glass in between the two wires. Also make sure that your wires do not move at all.
  7. Great concept, but Im not so sure that a neon bulb produces the necessary UV rays to neutralize odor, such as the pure UV bulb inside a Ozone generator.
  8. I actually take off the neon bulb. Then take the two leads that would connect to the sign and put them close together. A corona discharge occurs between them which converts Oxygen into Ozone(By exciting the electrons.)
  9. Yes, it will take around 30 minutes or so. If you use better filtering material than i did( maybe even have activated carbon on the sides) then it will do the job much faster.
  10. Oh I see, However it may not be as effective as true Ozone generator. I would also suggest finding some sort of metal casing rather then a cardboard box, when dealing with a unconfined discharge that is very risky. Best of luck to you proceed with caution.

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