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the earth is coming to an end, so is this bowl.

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by fatmagg, May 26, 2010.

  1. In my opinion the worlds technology is advancing to fast, and i have a feeling that sometime throughout my life time i will witness a nuclear war that may just be the end of civilization.During solar eclipse from earth the sun and moon appear to be the same size.the sun would appear that same size as it does from Earth. when we see our sunset it looks large because of the atmosphere.there is no atmosphere on the moon.

  2. Chernobyl disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pripyat
    Large area there will be dead until 2525. We don't learn, we don't change, we don't adapt, we destroy for our comfort. If humanity was a plant it would be crab grass. This could be why forms of intelligent life don't contact us, not because they can't but because we are like a parasite. I hope we never spread to other planets.:( Oh well if the world is going to hell, I'm not going to worry, nothing I can do but pack a bowl kick back and watch the show. Peace

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  3. hi freinds..

    we will be fine..we will survive for many..many ..many more generations..if not the right people but the corporate hoarders who rule his world. basically it will end up in a technologists' state. where money and technology = longevity. our weakness is our inferior human body as amazing as it is, it doesnt support the goals we as a technoligically "advanced" civ want. travel..i mean. come on its just unfathomable in a biological body such as the one we posess now. We will be forever as a singular consciousness on a data platform floating in space waiting to be reignited by another advanced species. I mean..this is truly what all hippies believe is a sngular touch with all a computre program recording all human thought and turning it into an interactive program to plug into..and survive the cosmos in a digital cacoon.
  4. This thread is full of ignorance. Over population is not over hyped, and by no means has world population started to stabilize, its the opposite. Developed countries (1st world or whatever you wanna call them) such as Europe and the US are at zero or negative population growth. The death rate is nowhere near the death rate, if this were the case then we wouldn't be having this discussion. The problem is of course the 3rd world countries where they are fucking like rabbits. We are headed towards 7 billion in the next few years, after reaching 6 billion in 1999. What would help in combating over population would be large scale birth control programs w/ developed countries providing aid to 3rd world countries and a shift in policies of the world's religions concerning birth control, particuarly Catholicism as we've seen the abysmal failure abstinence and other policies have been, along with their opposition to birth control.
    And don't put all your hopes on science discovering a replacement energy source for oil. There is nuclear but like oil it won't last forever, and scientists have been claiming to close to figuring out nuclear fusion for the last 50 years so I'm not too confident that they will figure it out soon. The best course of action would be to conserve our remaining natural resources, continue to research fusion (which we are gambling on) and combating world population.
  5. This thread makes me feel sad

  6. what is the difference between cause and reason kind of same thing.
  7. "they say there aint no hope for the youth but the truth is, there aint no hope for the future"

    - jesus oops i mean tupac ;)

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