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the earth is coming to an end, so is this bowl.

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by fatmagg, May 26, 2010.

  1. Of course humans can survive extended space travel. That is, of course, with the right technology, which we don't have atm. Also, even though I am also an atheist, you can not say with out any definitive doubt, that there is no god/heaven/hell. There is simply no proof to disprove this claim. Albiet, there is also no evidence to prove it.

  2. regardless of your rebuttal to my post-which i'm having trouble following anyway, i'm glad we can agree on doing "the best you can, for you, your fellow humans, and the planet"

  3. Ehh if I misunderstood you, my bad, but I do get tired of hearing "it doesn't matter anyway, we're going to live on mars, just after they finish that moon base!!".

    I live among astronomers, at a world class research telescope installation. And we're not going to just be ditching this rock....
  4. Lol, it seems a bit arrogant to think that we can destroy the earth.

    I had an earth science professor who passed this concept on to me.

    " At the current time we are not able to destroy the earth beyond repair. The damage we are doing is only destroying OUR earth. In other words, making it unihabitable for ourselves."

    What im saying is that the earth does not care about us, we need to take care of her for our own selfish need of survival, not because we owe the planet debt for giving birth to us. Most of you will take this to mean that i think we should rape and pillage the earth until everythign is gone and we move on, thats not at all what im saying. I hope someone here understands the concept im putting out.

  5. lol, after I posted that, i put itunes on shuffle and found that the emoticon fit most tunes...:smoking:
  6. I can't say that for sure, but I'm sure, so it doesn't really matter, I'm not going to waste any time arguing about it, been there done that. People who go somewhere when they die get the time back, I don't, so I can't spend it arguing about meaningless myths.

    And nope.... physics says no. You can not shield humans well enough from radiation that they can survive long term space travel, the ship would never get off the ground, it's simply too massive. You would need an unbelievable amount of heavy metals. Also, getting anywhere at all would take years, and then you have to literally build an environment, which will never compare to earth at sustaining earth life of any sort, even if you COULD build it. And the nearest star is 4 lightyears away, the places that even MIGHT be changable to support earth life would take thousands of years to travel to in your solid lead spaceship.

    So nope.... we're staying on this rock, better start caring for it.

  7. my sentiments exactly! i like you.
  8. Oh of course not. It will be close to 700 more years before we even get a working colony on mars. We may have a rudimentary base up and running with in the next 30, but I do not consider that colonization.

  9. I disagree with "over-population", i see no problem. The problems in Africa ,or other 3rd world countries. for instance, Starvation, and diseases all can be fixed if we didn't spend a shitload of money on war, or other shit.

    and are you saying that our oxygen supply is going to "run out" cause if so thats a bit "lol". but if you mean by pollution and that shit, then yes i agree.

    Yes the earth will be coming to and end, but not the way you see it, maybe climate change, but i see WW3 happening before that.
  10. The Earth and the environment is tougher than people think, mostly due to dramatization in the media. This oil spill is bad for the environment, but on a larger timeline it's really insignifcant. As far as the environment is concerned, overpopulation would be my biggest concern.
  11. Very much agree with Juan.

    Stop watching the news, honestly.
  12. no way man, do you think BP drills oil because they wanna do us a favor? They are greedy mother fuckers who will kill for money, literally. They need to pay every penny they have to clean this shit up
  13. What if gravity is the only thing keeping us apart.
  14. Hmm. Well cannabis can be used for natural oils, paper, nutrient supplements etc.. Maybe that could help :p
  15. Take care of the planet, it will take care of us.

    World leaders need to take it more seriously. Too much greed.
  16. here's the thing, humanity will eventually correct itself. oil will become too expensive and it would eventually be cheaper to have a heatstroke than pay $20 a gallon for gas. our lands will be gone to hell, our forests will be fucked and out entire ecosystem will be out of whack. the sad part is that people will fix these problems eventually, but only when it becomes THEIR problem. we will eventually be successful in our search for alternative fuels and with california even thinking about legalizing marijuana, that gives me hope for hemp oils to be put back into production within the next 100 years and obliterate our petroleum-indestructible-un-decompostable plastics we love to throw in land fills and forget about.

    once we kick our addiction to oils and dead animal fluids to pump in our cars, we'll be on our way to finally evolving as a species. then that opens a whole new subject, like type 1/2/3 civilizations, breakdown of religions, mass culture and language, etc.

    dont get me wrong, we need to do something about this. the sooner is definitely the better. but have hope, 100 years is a long time for us but its just a blink of an eye for mother nature.
  17. Hopefully when Mother Earth decides to wipe out us stupid selfish greedy talking monkeys, the next species that roams the Earth will replace all this toxic shit & use Hemp for EVERYTHING!!!!!! :hello:
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    In my opinion the worlds technology is advancing to fast, and i have a feeling that sometime throughout my life time i will witness a nuclear war that may just be the end of civilization.

    And if the government stopped being so god dam ignorant for just 2 seconds maybe they will legalize marijuana so they can fix these problems! MARIJUANA IS THE CURE!!! It is such a wonderful plant... if only the government wasn't so goddam blind!
  19. Odd you should say that because the Govt. holds back so much technology from the civilian commercial sector by locking it down to military and medical application only, taking 10-15 years for regular society to get the advances of the military and advanced medical technology in a practical application.

    If it was not for the various monopolies in the markets across the world technological innovation would probably be a lot faster.

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