the earth is coming to an end, so is this bowl.

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  1. so after smoking i realized that the earth will die. we are over populating, and too much waste. the atmosphere is going to shit. forests are going to shit. our oxygen supply is going to shit. and Im runin out of weed.
  2. just now noticed this? Maybe you smoke too much weed.
  3. Yes!.... but most likely not in our lifetime. Even if it does, that's probably the best way I can think of dying, for real. Seeing the end of the world...

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    you dident even mention the huge oil spill happening as we speak. I dare someone to try and name a bigger enviro fuck than that.
    this shit is likely going to be the straw that breaks the camels back.
    several years down the road the entire world will be fucked thanks to this fucking oil shit.

    the media suppresses it to a disgusting amount. to fuck if people "freak out about it" people need to be shaken out of their extreme comfort zone for once in their life. people should see the consequences of there actions.
  5. Yet we're the very same people that oil is being sucked out of the ground for.

    We may not be the cause of the oil spill, but we're definitely the reason.
  6. If a meteor hit the earth and killed all of us and I wasn't on acid at that moment, I'd be so fucking mad but only for a few seconds and then I'll die.
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    Well yes at our current pace and route we will destroy the ecosystem and all life. However, I believe we have the potential to save ourselves. Science is the only thing that can save us now, and religion is the most likely thing that will destroy us at this present time IMO.

    While the oil spill mentioned above is a ecological catastrophe I do not think that it will end the world. While it may damage the ecosystem, I believe we have the potential to reverse this catastrophe with technology that has yet to be discovered/invented.

    Many religious people believe the apocalypse is upon us, but they are basing this on signs from religious scripture. Scripture that was written before modern science, that has been translated thousands if not millions of times, that has been edited and rewritten thousands if not millions of times, by thousands if not millions of people. Even though if you look at it logically, and you aren't crazy, there are certainly not credible sources of information people still believe it... And in a world where one missile can hold dozens of nuclear warheads and 1 nuclear warhead can wipe out several miles radius it is far too dangerous to believe that the religious scriptures are accurate. We as a species must realize that these books were meant for people of their perspective time frames, and remember that these books were written by men, not god... If we don't I fear a self fulfilling prophecy may happen, and we will nuke ourselves to death... After all its "gods" will... give me a break...

    Science, Logic, and Reason are the only things that can save us... I am not saying that science is a fool proof solution. We may make some horrible mistakes along the way, but never has a species been in a position like ours where we could prevent our own extinction, and that is because of science. The secrets of the universe are many, and i would wager majority of these secrets have not been discovered. We must push society to rely more on quantifiable facts and science.
  8. "And I heard 'em say, nothin ever promised tomorrow today."
    -Kanye West
  9. the views expressed above are extremely fatalist. Earth is just one small habitat for life to exist. Assuming that society will destroy earth is a dangerous ideology to adopt as it begs the immediate question of why do anything if we're all fucked in the end.

    Don't be naive, learn about the vast expanses of the cosmos, the latest advances in physics or read my thread in the Science and Nature forum called 'the singularity is near'. Technology could vastly cure overpopulation, environmental disasters, allow us to explore space, and travel through wormholes to far off worlds.

    Fine, lets agree the oil spill is a horrible disaster for our environment, but even if we don't have the once tranquil gulf of mexico we always have our minds, creative freedom, each other, and hope for the future.

    one love.

    p.s. I'd love to hear the authors thoughts
  10. I quoted and + rep'd you on one fact alone. I was listening to Slayer's "Reign in Blood", and your headbanging emoticon was going in time with the music. Your post was good too.
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    The earth will always heal it's self, but the thing is when it comes to the point where it starts to recover from us, we will either have killed ourselves, or started to coexist with the environment. Over population is way way WAY over hyped, and the world population has been shown to have started to stabilize. If you want to look more into the world population, read "The Coming Population Crash and Our Planet's Surprising Future" by Fred Prince. He put a LOT into research and statistics, and found that the birth rate has started to reach the death rate, or that humans have stopped fucking like rabbits :D

    I +rep'ed you simply because your logic is freaking hilarious.
  12. I +reped both of you just because I can.
  13. I know all this shit isn't going to go down right away? but we do need to take this into consideration. love everybodys comments, but really we need to clean the earth. if we plan on staying here.
  14. I plan on staying here for about 60 more years. After that, fuck it.
  15. What does saving the planet even mean? Saving it for ourselves? Or saving it from the effects of Mans existence on said planet?

    I know nobody said we need to "save the planet" specifically but unless Im mistaken thats a concept being discussed here.

    I love nature and our earth, and the beauty encompassed within, however i believe there is something that nobody considers.

    There is NO real difference between natural, and man made. To make this statement, you are implying that what man does it NOT natural, just because it damages other parts of the eco system. Humans are a natural part of the world/universe.( unless you believe aliens put us here) Anything we do is a natural expression of the same laws that dictate all other life/ systems. Our earth molded us into a species that rapes resources and does everything possible to create benefiting factors for ourselves, although sometimes we create situations that are WORSE

    We are not the only species that does this. If there were 20 lions and 4 gazells left in the world, would the lions not eat them?

    The difference is we have the brain capacity to create a more stable cycle that Supports ourselves without destroying everything else. For moralities sake, it would be nice to sustain the planet in its current state for as long as possible, however is the planet, in return, going to try and save us? Eventually this planet will be vaporized by our star anyway, so anything from our planet, will only continue to exist, through humans preserving species, and taking it with them to exist elsewhere ( assuming we make it that far)

    Don't misconstrue this to mean that i am some anti "green"( BS movement if i ever heard of one), tree hugger hating, rapist of the worlds resources. I believe that a society best serves itself by living in a manner that is stable, and preserves resources in an intelligent, morally ideal manner.

    However i am also an existentialist that happens to be living in the real world.

  16. Dude. All we have, or know is due to Earth. So is the plant going to try and save us? IS THE PLANET GONNA SAVE US!? As far as I'm concerned it already did. If you want to think of debts and scratching backs, there's only one way we can repay our eternal debt. And thats not squeezing the trigger we have so violently placed upon her cranium.
  17. I think I said this.....are you me? Or am I you??? Oh god I am so confused with my cognitive abilities.
  18. I also agree with this, 100%.
  19. You're saying we should shit all over earth and then blast off?

    The whole idea of inhabiting another planet is highly theoretical, and beyond a pipe dream. And that's even assuming humans could survive extended space travel.

    And why do you make it sound like we're working for the future? We live here, there is no heaven, there is nothing after you die, if the world will change enormously in a few centuries that's no reason to not enjoy life here and now and try to make the next few centuries better than if we do nothing.

    Yes, earth is being royally fucked, which is why we all need to do what we can, witthin reason, to not burden things more than we have to. Earth has been royally fucked before, with much larger extinctions than the one we are going to face soon, earth will carry on. Humans will probably survive past the next great extinction, or past most of it anyway, though we will be greatly diminished.

    Life is good, do the best you can, for you, your fellow humans, and the planet, that's the best any of us can do:wave:
  20. Please watch this for your own sake.
    [ame=]YouTube - George Carlin - Saving the Planet[/ame]

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