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The Dutch International Soccer Team Theory on MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HIGH IQ, May 25, 2010.

  1. I have noticed, that the dutch, are like the Lamborghini of the soccer world.

    They create the best cars, but only one at a time.

    The Dutch are seemingly one of the best soccer teams in the world right now, and every player on their team is a specialist free kick taking tactical mastermind.

    So I wondered why... Then realized.

    Yes ladies and gentleman, the Dutch produce superior soccer players, although few at a time, and why? Because they have Amsterdam, and they also have the ability to blaze.

    This country should not be producing such great players in actuallity. But somehow they do.

    It must be the herb. I think this is proof that MJ can actually make you smarter, and a better learner, and athelete.

    Yes I am blazed as of now.

    Thank you.

    HIGH IQ :smoke:
  2. It's probably more to do with the 'total football' mentality than smoking weed.
    And I wouldn't say Holland are even the best team right now.
  3. Duhhh look at:
    etc etc

    Marley could've played for the Dutch :hello:
  4. damn Bob had some serious leg muscles
  5. How else could he run from the police?
  6. the dutch haven't used "total football" since 74 cruyff was the mastermind behing that..That being said the dutch are still my choice for the wc this summer
  7. I would say Brazil or Argentina.

    Spain, and then England. Then the Dutch.
  8. Sativa + Soccer will do it to ya lol...

    Lol "I had to run like a fugitive, just to just to save the life I live!!!!!":smoke:
  9. Does anybody else feel that american football tainted european football.

    Really. Football is more like rugby, and soccer is most definetly football.

    Which is why I usually only call it football.

    I just think thats messed up how we did that. That must be annoying for the UK people to see that all the time.

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