The dull, and distracted phonebanger.

Discussion in 'General' started by verbae, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Grasscitizens,

    I've noticed this ongoing trend of people always pulling out their phones (which is chill, whatever buttt) at times where even I'd considered it to be a little on a date...or their grandmothers funeral. Yea, its sorta awkward.

    Alright, if you're out with your friends, you do it out of habit, its a subconscious thing,... idk, but where I'm getting at is, how are you gunna be ANTIsocial at a social event? Is it really that ironic, cool guy?

    I'm just stating an observation here when I write, it seems like everyone is so darn distracted these days. I can't even hold a decent conversation with fools sometimes. Shit, being distracted is something I do to a fault, too, but NOT if I'm. trynna rock out with my cock out get turnt up and fuck the night up in a great know?

    That's not happening with me constantly phonebanging.

    And it kills me that these same people whose eyes will stay glued to their phones the entire night, are the same turds who'd do the most by tweeting/fb some bs throughout the night about how drunk/hard they're, sure you really looked like you were having a super magical time over there while you morphed into that lonesome dark corner.. /sarcasm, boner.

    Maybe some of yall do this or know people, too. I'd like some insight.

    Help me understand, is it really that awkward people feel like they need to act like twitter/fb can't wait til later? And why can't they utilize their imagination and create an interesting environment around them, instead of pretending to have fun (while living life vicariously through others)?
  2. there are people out there that dont fb or tweet when hanging out, just gotta change your social scenery a bit id say...
  3. I was sorta just throwing out fb as an example. I'm not entirely sure this is just happening within my group of friends...its cities everywhere thats consumed by technology.. Its like we don't know how to interact with one another because we've forgotten or just learning to adapt to a new culture of communication??
  4. oh ok, my bad....heres what im thinking: people have been bombarded with technology on an increasing level ever since the industrial revolution and this has def changed the way people interact with each other and its still going on today (as opposed to forgotten-no, i think its more a case of constant change you know?) im no communication major but i feel we are, again, constantly evolving to incorporate changing communication methods into our lives (well, most of the first world is)....and this creates awkwardness...
  5. I can't be bothered to text all day let alone post status updates about my life
  6. I agree with op..

    I used to do that, texting all the time while I'm out with friends, shit like that...
    After a while I realized that texting while im OUT with FRIENDS was stupid.

    Why am I wasting my time talking to someone who isn't with me?
    Thats lame, and I realized that.
    If anything dragging to respond to a text seems a lot cooler cause it implies that you actually have a social life, notice the difference between people who respond to your text in 2 seconds vs people who take up to an hour or more.

    Those people who respond in like 2 secs are probably at home with NOTHING to do, and those who drag are probably doing something worth a bit more of their time
  7. Yeah, Its sad how distracted peeps is.. I havent checked my socialnetworking bs in a while, this mighttt count..but still peeople needa wake up.
  8. I pull out my phone because I feel awkward/uncomfortable but then I feel dumb because I don't know what to do on it to look busy
  9. I've come up with a theory: a cell phone or smartphone is a social masturbatory aid. Think about it. When you pull out your phone and start texting your friends when there are real people around, it's just like jacking off when you could be having sex. You try to pretend the sexy porn actress/friend on your phone is there with you, but it's just not the same, and it's mostly for people who can't or don't want to handle the real situations.
  10. I notice it's mostly girls addicted to their phones like that. A few guys as well.
  11. i think its funny to imagine people doing this, before cell's

    your on a date, or something... the other person just fuckin turns around, yells some random blurb of into at the top of their lungs and turns back around.....
  12. hehe, yeah...imagine anciet egypt....."hold on sweetie, i have an urgent hieroglyph i need to take!"
  13. i was going to post, but someone sent me a text message
  14. Yeah. If I did not have a cell phone for work, I wouldn't ever even carry it with me unless I want my droid to become my mp3 player for the day.

    I text some, but I would rather just talk on the phone for a few minutes and then be done with that conversation instead of typing about it all day.
  15. Truth. I usually pull it out to check the time.
    but I know people who can stay on their phone
    the whole time and forget about whats happening.

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