The Dulce Book

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by SIR_JANE, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I have not looked at it, though when I see warnings that something requires an open mind I tend to read that as "Warning: You Are About To Read Something That Has No Supporting Evidence With No Way At All To Determine Wether The Account Is Truthful Or Pure Fiction". Having said that, I will check it out.
  2. ya it seems pretty out there with nothing at all really backing it up
  3. i must agree it seems far fetched but it sure as hell is a good read. But you must agree there is some things our governmet aint telling us...
  4. im calling bullshit on this book. not because i dont believe the story, but the way the interview is conducted and the way the writer writes and suggests ideas. i can tell hes writing a lie.

    as for aliens i dont know, i dont study them too much. but for x-planes and stealth aircraft they arent telling us. as for foreign and domestic policy they arent telling us. :mad: im more worried about the things i know then the things i dont know.
  5. maitereya interesting name...

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