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  1. I am new to growing. I am looking at the blumats watering system and I am wondering if there is a way to mix dry nutrients into your coco coir when you plant it and then only use water in the blumats to water it. Does anyone use coco coir with no liquid nutrients? The reason I want to use the blumats is I do not want to hand water a lot and deal with runoff. I figure if the blumats only do water then I can hand feed nutrients to it or mix it into the pot with the coco coir. If I need to use liquid nutrients for it can I hand water liquid nutrients once a week and use the blumats only with the water on there for it?
  2. Maybe choose something like Pro-Mix then. Coco is made to be watered daily to significant runoff. Watering Coco - How to Water Cannabis Plants in Coco Coir - Coco For Cannabis
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  3. why wouldn't you just use soil then?
  4. Thanks. It looks like the blumats would water the plants when it needs it. I do not want to use soil for it. I read that coco coir has less bug problems than soil and I want no bug problems for it.
  5. Get a tray and a watering can. Put a catch bucket under tray and hand water then chuck the runoff. Most of my problem is removing the runoff from my saucers.
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  6. Thanks. I am looking at doing the dwc now. I do not want to hand water with run off and doing the perpetual harvest does not look easy with automatic watering on there for it.
  7. True you could get 3 32x32 tents. Two setup with trays and irrigators for flower and one to veg up the clones. But you still need a spot for the mother plant.
  8. Go check the link in my journal on the run off situation. May help you out a bit. It’s on the last page.
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  9. i seen what your looking for the other day,dont remember site,but it look just like a damn refridgerator,had a res in bottom vents in and out with filters,feed was timed and the res topped off by it self ,had seperate bottles of nutes and worked like a damn soda fountain when it feed,i add it was 10 grand for the bitch too,but talking about lazy ,there aint no fun to this game if you dont put in the work,because if you think your gonna save money and have a hands free system good luck mate,join the crowd and get them green thumbs and know exactly whats going in your lungs.
    i got to say the comtraption did look just like a frezzer in the corner,even have difrent designs that look like file cabs,even a desk the more camo the more cash game.completly hands off and setup in a business setting if that means anything
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  10. Does it inject the nutes like the poison in a lethal injection machine.
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  11. freaking does it all mate,in the bottom it had some type of shit ,just like a soda fountain at a local fast food ,it drew out exact amount each feed and went to drain waste right down the drain hooked too,in the top had a minature size filter changable of course and pricey i would imagine,the light al in the top ,the res and feed bottles under in the bottom ,then it had your plant,you just set it a d forget it shit,i cant remember what site was ,someone on here threw up a link to something was checking it out and seen it on the side as a add and looked at it,hell what is that,i guess if you dont want to deal with dispensary and cant grow at all but want your weed it would be the ticket,but in this old ass mind it just ridiculous lazy ,i cant even image the product to come from it full of them nutes,one thing it didint do was harvest and cure hahahah
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    google cannabis self contained grow cabinet
    grobro solid grow box 1,999.oo hahahahah thats not the one i seen but close
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  13. It would be easier to just mix it yourself then to learn machine.
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  14. right ,what would be trippy walk into a bros house and see all these refrig all working ,thinkng damn someone gets the munchies,and all working ,did you chec some of the prices of them bitchs,you lazy you pay for damn sure,really it is sad it has come down to this with herb,i dont think everyone had all this in mind way back when ,before oy now it folk be hawking there cars to score from a dispensary lmao
  15. Im gonna get one next month. My wife is goin from soil to coco so she can water mine once shes comfey mixing nutes. All ill have to do is buy nutes lol.
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