the drug years

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  1. June 12 at 900 pm. vh1 documentary on drugs.

    theyll be interviewing henry rollins (cool) common, ic t, and john cougar mellencamp (gay as hell) tommy chong (awesome).

    why couldnt they get John Belushi, Chris Farley, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedburg, John Bonham, Janis Joplin, and Hunter S. Thompson to tell us about drugs? oh yea. whoops.

    still, it could be an awesome show. or it might be terrible. or it might be just ok.

    the disco house 70s and roller rink 80s will be interesting. theyll have to bring it to today's years, the percentage of high schoolers who havent tried anything its a tiny percentage.

    btw, Nacho Libre looks fucking terrible. and the omen was average.
  2. What's so special about the 'disco house 70s' and 'roller rink 80s'? How did they involve drugs?
  3. there were a few disco houses that were empires built on cocaine. you bought your shit at the house.

    not too mention you could get anything else from the crowds.

    the eighties were pretty much the same way. you didnt buy from the house anymore, but the prevalence in the eighties of qualuddes and in the mid to late eighties of xtc was pretty much the same as coke had been.

    good stuff.
  4. Are you talking about the 80's era of coke in Miami?
  5. i saw the previews for this show like a few days ago it looks fuckenb badass it airs monday i think
  6. john mellencamp is the shit man! ROCK in the USA

    they should have gotten steve-o to be interviewed

  7. lol yea that pretty much sums it up man lol.

    i haven't been around for a while whats up everybody.

    er something...

  8. I hope it's better than the wrap the History Channel gave.
  9. Two different types of shows man...
  10. Same subject, bro.
  11. Okay, So you have Ron Jeremy doing a documentry on pornography, and then you have the Womens League of America (or some shit like that) doing a documentry on pornography.

    Same subject, two completely different moods will be evident in the documentry.

    So to me it's apples and oranges. Comparing a documentry on VH1 to one of the History Channel just doesn't work.

    History Channel does a show to be unbiased and informative, it's not always entertaining

    VH1 does a show to be entertaining, so they'll be using rock stars first hand experience testimonies and what not... They'll have a lot of fun with it.

  12. haha speakin of mitch hedburg that reminded me of him talkin about the band he played in

    "people either loved us or hated us, or they thought we were just ok"
  13. yea i stole that joke, good call.
  14. it's also going to be on the sundance channel on friday, june 16th...i just saw another preview. "from my generation to myspace...". looks pretty cool.

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